Thursday , May 26 2022

What do I do if the crack causes problems?


Whe has a scarch, he has something to say mainly: When a large amount of skateboarding falls, during the bite of the short straw, dancing too wild in the last party: Wedi & All, not just for pastures or bruises. "Scars are created after injuries that go so deep that skin removal is not possible with the usual structure of the individual layers, but there is a new connective tissue with different characteristics than normal skin," said Alexander Nast of the Department Dermatology, Venereology and Allergolology in Berlin Charité. "The other structure of this tissue results in the visibility of the scam."

Healing & snapshot takes time

Initially, a spin usually swells and slightly red. It can take her three years to mature and achieve her final appearance. In the best case, it's obvious that it does not appear then. However, some wounds continue to be red, bullying and in good faith. The hypertrophic scars sometimes called sometimes grow. Regular masages with creams or gels can help to make the tissue softer, more elastic and therefore more flat. There is a painful variation of boats in keloid. Often, younger skin often tends to produce excessive scars of the name, where the cough tissue continues to grow after healing wounds and does not spontaneously go back. Especially affected are the darker areas of the skin on the ears, shoulders and chest area. Although keloids can be treated back again. "However, creams are not usually enough for this," said Nast. Instead, the doctor usually uses cortisone in increasing scars, which is sprayed into scarch. In addition, the scar can be interrupted with liquid nitrogen.


Why some scars, for example after the Caesarean section or other operations, do not cause problems in years later, rarely explored. "When the weather changes, many parameters change, we see it more or less conscious," says Alexander Nast. Temperature, air pressure and moisture influence the body. "These factors are then reflected in the perception of boats." For victims of severe painful scars, they can turn to killers. "Alternatively, the treatment options are limited."

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