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Vaccination pan in Japan Outcome: cervical cancer


Japanese doctor Riko Muranaka reported a post for MedWatch at the top of Japan vaccination panic. The illegal rejected the alleged side effects of human papillomavirus vaccinations (HPV) of the vaccination quota from 70% to below 1%.

Opponents of vaccination against the government

In 2013, Japan government recommended the HPV vaccine, which protects against a virus that causes cervical cancer. Vaccine opponents make successful mobility and undermine the fear of alleged vaccine damage.

Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are pathogens that cause, among other things, cervical cancer. Women are vaccinated against the virus for some time. Experts are divided as to whether to advise HPV vaccines for boys. In Japan, the vaccination rate dropped from 70 per cent to one percent, as vaccination with spread information was split. (Image: Africa Studio /

What side effects should that be?

According to the opposition of the Japanese vaccine, the HPV vaccines stimulated among others the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or Postural Orsthostaiv (POTS) Tachychard Syndrome.

Are these side effects really?

WHO clearly stated in 2017 that there is no evidence that CRPS and POTS have anything to do with the HPV vaccine.

Vaccine opponents threaten scientists

Ms. Muranaka and other scientists face huge hostility in Japan and can no longer announce in the media in Japan.

Vaccination opponents on the Internet

In 2013, when the HPV vaccine was normal, the parents blame the vaccine for losing memory, walking difficulties, seizures, and reducing school performance for their children, filming the symptoms and posting; r clips on the Internet.

Psychosomatic medicine rather than vaccine damage

Paediatricians talked about "misconduct" caused by stress, pressure or anxiety and stressed that such behavior occurred before the vaccinations. By now, the parents put against "heartless doctors."

No physical causes

A government appointed technical committee in Christmas 2013 noted that the symptoms were likely to be psychosomatic and had no physical cause.

The Government has the fear of mass psychosis

The government has prevented vaccinations despite the clear results. This left the impression in the population that the government also had suspicions.

Doctors as opponents of vaccination

There was also a small but vocal doctors group. These spoke about "HANS," a neuro-immunopathic syndrome associated with a HPV vaccine, "which is allegedly called the side effects of HPV vaccines.

No scientific basis

This "vaccine syndrome" did not have a "scientific basis", but the doctors' claims were only based on complaints from patients. The results of the tests for the patients were negative, however, the vaccine-resistant doctors claim that the medication so far is not far enough to prove & # 39; The damage caused by the vaccine.

Hundred thousand wombs

Muranaka wrote a book "One Hundred Thousand Wombs". Every year, three thousand women and cervical cancer die in Japan, and ten thousand wombs are removed due to the disease against which the vaccine defends. Percentage, according to Muranaka, is the number of wombs that could be saved but they probably need to be removed.

In Germany Vaccination 50%

In Germany, the HPV vaccination rate is 50%. However, Muranaka warns that he could always be the same here and in Japan: "As I wrote, the vaccination in the first place is not clear, but it can be promoted and spreads out; n easy. On the other hand, it is very difficult to build trust in vaccinations. "

The doctor writes: "I would like my book Hundred thousand wombs I would like to publish in Germany: Let people know what happened in Japan and what could happen in Germany too. "

Vaccination – Global threat

In Germany vaccine opponents are not as present as, for example, in the United States, where even President Trump interferes with his misunderstanding conspiracy. But here too, victims of the vaccine spread inconsistent information that has no scientific base. Despite side effects that single vaccinations can have, vaccination is the most successful method in medicine history and has been proven to save millions of lives. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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