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Uncomfortable glory when switching to TV presenter – viewers see a disgusting moment in New York


A US moderator carried out a small analysis during a live show.

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Television glow during live broadcasts usually makes spectators laugh. The gloss of the United States is likely to cause disgust in most of them.

New York – News channel viewers in the United States were caught off stage with a look behind the curtains on a live broadcast – which, in the main, was more special.

Accidents on television and especially during live broadcasts occur repeatedly. But this view should have made the audience laugh, but also a little disgusting. Because when a news presenter from America turns to his colleague, the timing doesn't seem right at all!

TV bias in the United States: Moderator moderated an abusive posture

When the picture suddenly changed to his colleague in Syria, he doesn't seem to know he's already living. He's not happy enough with his hair – and he spits himself in front of the camera twice in his hands, to spread it generously like putting a gel in the hair t .

Promptly, the picture moved back to the moderator, as the connection was unilateral. In the background, however, someone could hear the colleagues in Syria saying, "OK? Good? Better?" – it's similar in relation to her new hairstyle.

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Live broadcast analysis: This is how the viewers respond

The viewer filmed the event and then took the clip on Twitter, where the recording went viral quickly. The consumer's view of the journalist's action went far apart: "The man is in a war zone and is worried about his hair," he wrote a user, for example.

Others feel that the analysis is disgusting or funny. "He has his own hair product line faster than you can look at," he writes a woman full of enthusiasm. Another: "I'd rather not see that."

Channel Nine TV presenter and channel also experienced a shame during their performance. The reason her chosen outfit was extremely unfavorable.

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