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Thomas Gottschalk is barely recognizable: the cult presenter looks very different – “he really had to look twice”.


Is that really Thomas Gottschalk? A few fans asked themselves when they saw a new photo of the cult presenter on Instagram.

Stuttgart – Colorful clothes and his yellow curly mane: In addition to his cheeky mouth, these are probably the absolute trademarks of TV veterans Thomas Gottschalk (70). But a recent photo on Instagram is missing one of these unmistakable features of the former Moderator “Wetter that …?” Tommy without curls!

Thomas Gottschalk without locks: the TV presenter can hardly be identified

The photo was posted by former DSDS candidate Alexander Klaws on his Instagram account. He is disguised as Winnetou next to Thomas Gottschalk, who is supposed to represent Old Shatterhand.

Instead of his blond Walle bung, Gottschalk is with him short, withdrawn hair to see. The TV presenter, now 70, has a new look thanks to the changing look years younger.

A new hairstyle makes TV presenter Gottschalk years younger

By the way, Alexander Klaw’s followers agree. “Thomas looks much younger with the hairstyle” or “Hammer! Thomas looks 20 years younger! ”It can be read in the comments. “Don’t even know how smart Thomas Gottschalk is. Hope the hairstyle stays. Great! ”- the moderator received numerous accolades for his new look.

Thomas Gottschalk without curls: Fans probably know him

Few recognize the cult’s moderator. “I had to look twice to see who Old Shatterhand is,” one user admits. “Thomas is unrecognizable“Renew hair cut” is also what this user finds.

In his comment on the snapshot, Klaws gives an idea of ​​why they both hid: “Yesterday for his new show, when my white brother was riding through the Westerwald and then chatting about God and ‘ the world is a great honor for me and a childhood dream at the same time, ”the singer revealed.

Thomas Gottschalk changed completely – that’s what the new look is all about

The background is the Gottschalk TV show “2020 – Gottschalk will catch up”, which will appear on the first of December. Even at the age of 70, Thomas Gottschalk, who is actually retired, is still busy in front of the camera. His new program revolves around the many who were canceled because of the corona pandemic This year’s events. Not only did family celebrations have to be canceled – sporting and cultural events could not be held due to the restrictions. “In his show, Thomas Gottschalk catches up on some of what could not happen this year. It welcomes prominent and prominent people with interesting and emotive stories to tell about their personal failings and cancellations in 2020 ”, the SWR wrote in a press release. And so Gottschalk, along with Alexander Klaws, also recreates scenes from the unusual Karl May Festival at Bad Segeberg, where Klaws would have played.

The show can be seen on Monday, December 21st at 8.15 pm on Das Erste. (Va)

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