Sunday , August 7 2022

The US user advocates withdraw the recommendation for Tesla Model 3 ago


Yes, no, yes, no

This is not the first time Judge Reporting on its views model 3 changes. Already in May 2018 it was withdrawn due to problems with emergency braking vehicle the recommendation. Tesla have improved by the update, which is why we have yet made a recommendation – which is now back there. The news pushed the Tesla to split over a period of up to two percent in the long run.

As a basis, Consumer Reports produced a survey of car owners in the United States USA sent out. Cut here Tesla really really good. Only in January, Model 3 was leading to a satisfaction site, for the 500,000 vehicle owners in the USA are interviewed. In the fifth place he landed model S other Tesla vehicle. The problems appear to be disclosed in another survey. I was targeted to contact Tesla drivers who did not respond to previous calls.

Tesla wants to improve

"Consumers expect one thing carHe can stand something and not stand in the workshop. That's why reliability is so important " Jake Fisher, Head of Testing of Vehicles in Consumer Reports, set out in a press release. Tesla in a prominent society. Consumer Reports also escape from others vehicles Competition recommendation, among others VW's Tiguan, y BMW Series 5, the Cadillac 300, Dodge Charger to Acura RDX.

Tesla He showed in a statement of inaccuracies about the decision of Consumer Reports. The company said that they had already made progress on many of the criticized points. However, they have contacted Consumer Reports to be able to improve. Tesla want with us model The customer base expanded 3 for its electricity cars significantly and it had begun to produce with a force of strength recently.

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