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The Sony streaming service comes three times to the revenue


PS Now vs. Xbox Game Game: Sony's streaming service comes three times to the revenue

09 November 2018 at 16:57:

Although there have been long-lasting subscription services since they have established themselves in the use of television, gambling also moves towards subscriptions. Services such as PS Now, Xbox Game Pass and EA Access use a lot of money for libraries and publishers. And such a company is particularly successful.

Major game publishers are increasingly banking on subscribers that promise regular revenue. Also, the Microsoft console (Pass Pass Xbox) and Sony (PlayStation Now) manufacturers are active in this area. And companies like Square Enix are planning to launch their own subscription services soon.

Therefore, customers can use games that usually cost 60 or 70 euros, as well as other games for 10 or 20 euros per month. This may sound like a bad deal for publishers at the beginning. This is not true, however, as an analysis of SuperData shows.

Subscription services are worthwhile for publishers

According to SuperData, people who pay for subscriptions spend 45 per cent more on games than those that they buy traditionally. This is partly due to the fact that users of subscription offers spend more on additional items such as season passports or cosmetic items. As compared to non-subscribers, they invest twice as much in this area.

PlayStation Now: In November with Mafia 3, Steep and more

PlayStation Now will be expanded with more games in November. The announcement had already made for the US market. Confirmation for Europe is still available …

In other words, if the blockage falls, as customers do not have to buy the games at a full price, they are more willing to invest more money in the games after that.

PlayStation Now brings more money than an Xbox Game Pass

SuperData went further and compared the popular subscription services, including PlayStation Now, EA Access and Xbox Game Pass. Notifiable is the fact that most revenue generated in the third quarter is generated by PlayStation Now.

From 273 million Doller, 52 per cent are attributed to the Sony streaming service, while the Xbox Game Game is only 15%. Below you can see the site.

Sales divide C3 2018

  • PlayStation Now: 52 percent
  • EA access: 16 per cent
  • Passing a 15% Xbox Game
  • Premier Access Origin: 9 percent
  • Origin Access: 8 per cent

The subscription market is getting hotter

"The gambling subscription market was extremely hot in 2018 as game makers seek regular regular revenue sources, and publishers now offer brand new titles for paying members," said SuperData Collection.

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