Thursday , February 25 2021

The new dream couple for “everyone”

German film and theater star Lars Eidinger is expected to play the title role at stage retailer Hugo von Hofmannsthal in 2021. The next fanatic, Verena Altenberger, is from Salzburg.

Everything will be different at the theater in the coming year – at least at the Salzburg Festival with their most important train number on the Domplatz: The Berlin Lars Eidinger is to play Jedermann in 2021, the Salzburg Verena Altenberger of her passion, as it was on Friday in a broadcast by the drama director. Bettina Hering was called.

The staging of “Jedermann” remains the old one: Michael Sturminger’s fashionable interpretation of Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s “Game of the Dying of the Rich Man” performed for the first time in 2017 will be resumed but developed further. Tobias Moretti played the lead role in it for four seasons (Philipp Hochmair stepped into it five times in 2018), the fanatics changed. Most recently, Caroline Peters put it on the 100th anniversary of the festival.

In an interview with Hering, Eidinger said he had always secretly hoped to be asked for Jedermann’s role. He finds himself “in the ancient gallery of the most German-speaking theater actors”: “A lifelong dream come true.” Who is most inspired? “Although there are many outstanding actors in the Jedermann cast of actors, to me Gert Voss is the greatest.”

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