Thursday , January 27 2022

The Ministry of Social Affairs – emergency support "continues as insurance benefits"


On the weekend, it became known that the Ministry of Social Affairs had commissioned a study by the Economic Research Institute on the effects of emergency support reform. Wifo confirmed the existence of the study, but noted that there was no final outcome yet. In the study, a number of scenarios were analyzed to explore the effects of different variations. The cancellation of emergency support was "no constant client specification", said Wifo.

Hartinger-Klein again rejected Monday against the presentation, the emergency support will be canceled and the "angry" reports were shown: "As WIFO has already made it clear yesterday, there is no ready-to-get emergency study, I find it more than weird that SPÖ is playing with the needs of the population and uncertainty has really targeted, "she is also going to tackle it. criticism of the opposition.

There was no significant comment on the subject for the time being by the ÖVP. In the party as well as at the parliamentary club, one was referred only to the ongoing discussions with the FPÖ for the reform of unemployment benefit. The basis for this is the government program, said spokesman.

In the turquoise-blue coalition government program, the "work" episode provides for "harmonizing, redirecting and developing unemployment benefits further, emergency support and basic income protection that focus on needs". For this purpose, a "new Unemployment benefit" should be created, with "degrading design of the level of benefits with a clear time course and integrating emergency support". That is, the longer you get unemployment benefit, the lowest that it gets. The emergency help to include in this new unemployment benefit – which would probably mean that they are canceled.

Hartinger-Klein had concerns about this topic of the start. As early as January this year, he said that the minimum income will not fall under the long-term unemployed. "The German model Hartz IV will not exist with me as Minister for Social Affairs," he said on January 3. Only two days later, the head of department, following recommendation from Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP), said : "New unemployment benefit to be a place for emergency help" she said.

And exactly this question turns around the current debate: With regard to non-emergency support, for long-term unemployed people, they only continue to apply the minimum income. In this case, access to assets. The FPÖ has been resisting this impression for days, in the ÖVP people are extremely committed to this topic. However, the ÖVP club chairman, August Wöginger, did not want to ban – for example in a conversation with "Oberösterreichische Nachrichten" from January this year – he could come to get an asset.

Under the current scheme, someone who is unemployed receives unemployment benefits for about a year (varying according to service length), which equates to 55 percent of & # 39 ; the net renewal rate. After that, permanent support is provided for emergency help (basically, 92 per cent of basic unemployment benefit). If someone has not earned any claims under unemployment insurance, they can apply for a minimum income security. However, there is access to the assets of the person concerned – except for an apartment and a car only (if necessary) and a fortune of approximately 4,200 euros.

For the SPÖ, Hartinger-Klein's "warranty" seems "small credible". Managing Director of SP-Federal, Thomas Drozda referred to the governing program, it was stated in particular that the emergency support had to abolish. It now calls for views from the ÖVP and FPÖ government co-ordinators. "I would like people and social cohesion if it was true that there are no statements," said Drozda. "As the ÖVP / FPÖ government program on page 143 has explicitly stated that the emergency help should be canceled."

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