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“The Masked Singer”: A pop singer turns out to be the evil Anubis


Updated November 24, 2020, 11:24 pm

The costumes sing again: “The Masked Singer” brought ten new costumes to the stage. Anubis reached the final and failed in the fight against the alien. Who sang like a Greek god.

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It’s tall, muscular, and covered with a real gold leaf: Anubis wants to be in its third season “The Masked Singer” inspire the audience with his performance. There are still ten celebrities with the costumes – and there’s something for everyone from sweet to fighting. The Anubis looks particularly mysterious and very aggressive on all appearances.

The noble costume is striking: it is hand decorated cast and embroidery elementssometimes even covered with real gold leaf, as ProSieben has announced. That weighs heavy, of course: Twelve kilos carries the celebrity with. The six-pack is a special muscle suit and the Ears tower over you half a meter in the air. The high heels were also a trademark. The finale sang “Last Resort” by Papa Roach and “Sonne” by Rammstein. It was: Ben Blümel.

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“The Masked Singer”: clues and clues to Anubis

From the composition and the voice it was evident early on that one Mann hidden under the robe. He gave these signs Tips on the identity des Anubis – and should speak for pop singer and actor Ben Blümel.

  • Live sign: A white bull figure ran across the stage with a cobra stick.
  • I am not surprised that you are so successful. You were in focus early on. (Internal)
  • You have impressed me with your majestic aura since I was young. (Internal)
  • You are a multi-tasking talent. (Internal)
  • Anubis jacket cocktails.
  • My trilogy is not over yet.
  • My song got a king scepter.
  • I am an ancient Egyptian god.
  • My home is a museum.
  • I hear everything with my big ears.
  • I’ve ascended the throne twice.
  • I am the focus.
  • I’ve written the wildest adventures.
  • People all my life have been told who I am.
  • I have always looked for a different path to the one that fate has given.
  • Anubis cleans a window, dries with fronds and sings to a mob microphone.
  • My journey around the world brought me here.
  • Anubis in various pictures (including Paris).
  • At night the gods bring me to life. The night is my destiny.
  • I will show that I am not a beginner.
  • In the search for the prophecy, I found the new paradise.
  • Black triangles drawn as a puzzle and papyrus with “bird” written on it – GPS data and coordinates in the background.
  • I feel at home on stage, but The Masked Singer is my biggest stage.
  • The king delivers and rejoices.
  • I’m typing on an old typewriter.
  • I’m on my way to becoming a legend.
  • The next test is always the hardest for me.
  • Anubis and I caused sandstorms together (inside).
  • We didn’t avoid a duel (inside).
  • It embodies the role of deity like no other (inside).

Until the final it was exciting to see who it could be. Those were the suggestions of the jury and the ProSieben community.

  • Actor Elyas M’Barek
  • Moderator Klaas Heufer-Umlauf
  • Sänger Adel Tawil
  • Former gymnast Fabian Hambüchen
  • S Alexandernger Alexander Klaws
  • Actor Kostja Ullmann
  • Singer Nino de Angelo
  • Actor Jan Josef Liefers
  • Moderator Ben Blümel
  • Actor Jürgen Vogel
  • Singer Ben Blümel
  • Sänger Oli P.

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“The Masked Singer”: Here are the other costumes

From the first episode onwards, Anubis reveals further traits about himself. But the masks and other costumes with which he competes for victory must uncover evidence.

Just before the conclusion of the successful second season of the Gesangs-Rätsel show, ProSieben announces: The station will celebrate a third season in the autumn of 2020. © ProSiebenSat.1

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