Tuesday , November 24 2020

The manager sees Nokia with 5G despite losses on track

"I am confident that we have the right strategy at the right time," said CEO Rajeev Suri on Sunday in Barcelona, 2019 will be an exciting year. And: "We expect to 2020 be a year of growth for the market and for Nokia "For Finland, who has left their age for a long time as market leader in the mobile phone business, 5G is a great opportunity. Also because security aspects are becoming increasingly increasing. The security can not be negotiated and will not be right in the future, have to emphasize Suri, competitor Huawei currently under pressure due to security concerns. So, suspect USA Chinese company of industrial spy, The

Nokia in the red in 2018 despite a strong final fall in the red. The bottom line was a loss of 549 million euros. Suri now envisaged Barcelona5G will grow and grow and last for a while: "We will not talk about 6G here next year." Indirectly, he also took the US president Donald Trump on the Schaff, the recent networks of non-existing standards – 6G in the USA "As soon as possible" he had insisted.

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