Wednesday , November 25 2020

The best Viennese virologist expects to lock down for Christmas – a coronavirus

Virologist Norbert Nowotny comments on Corona’s current situation in the Puls-24 interview. It says why lock down.

In an interview with Puls 24 on Tuesday, virologist Norbert Nowotny clearly positioned himself in terms of the current development of coronavirus numbers. The record number is “anxious”. He is appealing to all Austrians to continue to adhere to the measures and to practice “physical distance”.

The virologist is worried about record levels of new infections in the past few days. So Nowotny doesn’t have good prospects for the week ahead. It counts the number of new infections each day with values ​​above the 3000 mark. “That doesn’t bode well,” says Nowotnoy. A: The current situation is “absolutely worrying”.

“… then lock down”

He also warned that lock-in could not be avoided if the measures were not implemented. “If the measures don’t work, it will lead to a lockdown for better or for worse.” His assumption is that lock-in could come over the Christmas holidays, which should apply for a three-week period (ie from December 20, 2020 to January 10, 2021). But he also recalled: “The more sensible we are now, the better the Christmas holidays will be.” Despite locking down (if there is one), it should still be possible to hold the family celebrations, according to the virologist.

Still, he pointed out that locking down alone would not be enough. Re-activating the measures throughout the country, but especially in those areas where traffic lights are red, is a necessity.

He also spoke in favor of bringing the curfew forward. Accordingly, doors of bars, clubs and co should. Closed at 11 pm or even better at 10 pm This could avoid a complete curfew.

Appealing to reason

He also explained in the interview: “If we had a lock down now – for about three weeks – then the numbers would drop significantly and we could then, as it were, start everything again. We know it’s not ‘ possibly. ” Therefore, it appeals to the common sense of the people and calls on the Austrians, as in spring, to pull together.

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