Sunday , November 29 2020

That's why you should not trust a charging cable – multimedia

A man connects his mobile to the PC to download. Suddenly, his computer has managed to be a bit like magic. There are many windows with malicious websites. What's a reality as a scene of an agent movie is reality.


Have you ever been a hacker attack?

Record with millions of passwords found

This is possible by the O.GB cable, the Mike Grover hobbyist has developed in two years. If you connect the USB charging cable to a Linux, Mac or Windows computer, it is recognized as an input device. An attacker could then execute commands via Wi-Fi on the computer.

NSA charging station

For the cable, Grover designed a small board, which also produced itself. I've been designed to accompany the USB connector. He invested about 300 hours in the project.

Grover and other security researchers have already shown that charging cables can be dangerous. That does not mean that you have to have paranoia or nightmares because of that. But you should think twice, at least on suspicious cables, if you really want to put it in its device.

The suspicions should arise, for example, at a charging station of the National Security Agency (NSA), which established the US foreign information service at a hacker conference in January. According to a NSA spokesman, the actions were "wink," as the technical platform said.

(Picture: Twitter / Rob Joyce)

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