Thursday , July 7 2022

Successor introduced by Provincial Podgorschek


Haimbuchner had seen the Ibiza video Friday in the mower tractor and was touched painfully by the words of his "longtime companion" Heinz-Christian Strache. "But understanding of the kind of democracy should not show, whether that was a dirty story or drunk," Haimbuchner said.

Redundancy Kickl "not necessary"

Since the responsibility on the video resigned, there was no need to remove a Minister from Herbert Herbert Kickl, so Haimbuchner. We see in Upper Austria "no reason whatsoever" to suspect the black-blue labor agreement.

Elmar Podgorschek had already indicated on Sunday to resign as a provincial councilor in order not to be targeted again and to defend his family. Again because Podgorschek after his controversial speech before the AfD in Germany repeatedly criticized. Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP) had made Podgorschek's resignation a condition for the continued existence of the Black and Blue coalition in Upper Austria.

Haimbuchner contradicts this: "The state VP has not set any conditions and Elmar Podgorschek has contacted me on his own and told me he doesn't want to do this anymore." When asked whether FP had fallen to his knees in front of the VP, Haimbuchner replied, "I'm just kneeling home in front of my wife."

Haimbuchner said, however, that even a Governor of various currents in his party was under pressure. "In partnership, we like to try to put pressure on the Lord Governor." For him, the crucial thing is that in the future the CS is such that you are “credible” and turn on one or another screw and will be even better. "Thanks a lot to our Eli, it was a great pleasure working with him," Haimbuchner said. Mayor of Gaspoltshofen Wolfgang Klinger (FP) will take "one on one" agendas Elmar Podgorschek.

Tip against Strache: "Endless better than high life"

The last few hours and days haven't gone without sight, said the new Community Safety Adviser Klinger, who will be approved on Thursday. For him the best way to solve problems as a politician.

Already with a Haimbuchner call a few years ago to go to Vienna as a member of the National Council, Klinger had been staggering. "As Vienna is another pavement and a fair way." At that time, he had a period of 14 days reflection, after a week he made his decision.

Co-operation with the other party's deputies in the committees in Vienna was not just work, but friendship. More surprisingly came the sudden end. Unlike the call a few years ago, the call for Klinger came at short notice. At the end, people should be able to say about it, "He did well," said Klinger. "Breaking new ground is better than a high life in the world," said Haimbuchner, without taking a little on the former vice-chancellor of Strache.

Haimbuchner no longer wants a party role for Strache

A motion of no confidence in the parliament against Chancellor Kurz will not ask the CS. It was a matter for the FP parliamentary club that would vote for another party, "said Haimbuchner, who called the new party leader Norbert Hofer this morning, saying he would be" 100 per cent "as the candidate. best in the National Council's election campaign "artificial excitement in the media".

When asked whether Heinz-Christian Strache should ever get a job on the CS, Haimbuchner answered a clear number. He did not want to be clear on the possible exclusion of Strache.

Grospenden for his party for clubs in Upper Austria excludes Haimbuchner. "We are very clean."



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