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Stefan Effenberg: Claudia casts her training post at Schalke 04 – Bundesliga


Schalke 04 a Stefan Effenberg (50).

Unfortunately six years ago, it sparked between the two parties, almost they had found each other. But in the end it should not be easy. And as it happens often, there are two different perceptions of the story why it did not work out with the training post. Could it be Effe, obviously, does not tell the truth. Schalke had to do that.

Already an epic piece of Bundesliga history!

In a statement to the official press (!) Schalke clearly made clear on Monday: Effes, Claudia's wife (53) screwed her & the post!

He says: "To a statement yesterday by Stefan Effenberg, Schalke 04 has not complied with his commitment by the dedication of hands on commitment as a coach, the Schalke 04 CC board is clear: 2013 is really All of them talk about the Management Board and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Clemens Tönnies with Effenberg, which led them to a hands-sweeping commitment to work with Effenberg as a coach. "

So far, so good – but then Claudia came into play!

Effenberg's former national player made the perfect perfect deal on Sunday in public. In the television show "Sky 90" he said: "I knew Mr. Tönnies, I spoke as a possible trainer in Schalke, and there we had conversations. And these were very good conversations, Horst Heldt still there. We had a very intense, totally positive, convincing exchanges, both convinced, of both sides. "

Then he came with Tönnies to shake hands. Headteachers of misconduct shake hands and said, We will not work together soon. & # 39; "

Effenberg: "And shaking hands is something for me. I do not have to sign anything. When someone shakes my hand and says, My father's hands are a contract, and it's not & It's kept … That's how I meet her. I'm sorry. "

At the request of moderator Patrick Wasserziehr, if he had been disappointed, Effenberg replied: "Yes, would you be disappointed if I talk to you, I'll shake your hand and then not register, would you & # 39; n disappointed? Sure. "

Although the Schalke agreement broke down, Effenberg was still a coach two years later: From October 2015 to March 2016, he stood at SC Paderborn on the left in the second section.

His greatness has taken his wife away. It's not surprising that Effe did not want to talk about it in public …

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