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Soccer: "Brexit": England wants to reduce legionaries



The FA Football Association wants to reduce the number of foreign players in the Premier League clubs in the "Brexit". Instead of 17 cadres from outside the UK, most of the twelve will be allowed in the future, the British newspaper "The Times" on Tuesday.

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Currently, 13 of the 20 League teams have more than 12 languages ​​in the squad. The FA bid will be presented to the clubs this week. In return for the Alliance and club approval, the society would agree to confirm government agencies about the necessary work permits in the future.

Previously, these were only needed for foreigners that are not part of the EU and have been published to "promote the development of football in England".

If the FA and clubs do not reach an agreement, a single situation could arise. Upon leaving in the European Union, all professionals from the EU countries would have to meet the same criteria to play in the Premier League as foreigners who are not part of & # 39 ; r EU, according to the Times.


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