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So you play the new rifle properly


With the first content update by Apex Legends, a new tool has come into the game, the Havoc. We'll show you how the Havoc plays and gives us the tips and tricks of the new assault rifle.

Here's how the Havoc works: The Havoc became the first new tool for Apex Legends. A rifle has an attack with energy bullets and the ability to have different attachments. These essays can change their behavior and even turn them into a sniper rifle:

  • The fire mode receiver (Selectfire Receptor) lets you switch between automatic and single shot (focus beam).
  • The turbocharger eliminates the time it takes in the Havoc to reach its full automatic fire rate.

The Hawk Rifle has a relatively high fire rate, but it raises slowly, which is similar to the Exposure. A magazine holds 25 shots and is eaten in about 4 seconds (without turbocharger).

In a radial way
he eats 5 units of batteries for every shot and transports it
at once. The projectiles do not have a travel time, but every shooting has
also a repayment time.

Apex Legends Havoc in the game
Here's what the Hawk likes in the game.

How much damage does Havoc do? The Havoc's damage figures vary between their different types of fire. In addition, reports are at least in the way of a ray, that movement plays a role.

In an automatic way:

  • Damage to body: 18
  • Damage to the head: 36

In a radial way:

  • Damage to body: about 50
  • Damage to the head: about 75

The figures for the ray mode are incorrect due to reports from players who have "dropping damage". The damage becomes smaller, beyond the target being deleted.

Here's how the Havoc compares: As an energy tool, the Havoc can be best distributed between their Triple Take and Devotion colleagues. She even takes a pretty good place between the sniper rifle and the MG light.

Compared to delegation, the Havoc can make a lot of damage without going fast through bullet reserves. With turbocharger, it's even more accurate and effective, but one dissertation is smaller. (Mobile Article)

When compared to Triple Take the Havoc's long distances do not use so well. Triple Take makes more harm even more reliably even without a real shortage and stronger in shorter distances than a Havoc reminder with a Fire mode reminder. How to decompose even gambling tactics already showed a "no scope" squad with triple taking.

Apex Legends Screenshot Havoc vs Devotion
The Havoc compared to the Exposure

The Havoc in the test – That's what our writer Benedict says

Therefore, the Havoc is the most effective: After several volumes with the Havoc, I find that the turbocharger as a dissertation is much more useful than a fire mode receiver, although I'm pretty good with sniper rifles. As a reef of assault with MG features, a simple one works stronger.

The best distance that the sea appears to work is medium distance with small variations to medium and medium distance. Time is enough to stock and kill opponents with bullets before enemies can change the distance in favor.

Generally you can
To use the Havoc in every situation, including commitment
(or Spitfire) is good. Havoc has the benefit to them
So many warps and also at a distance are not just over
MGs are still using.

Apex Legends Havoc in action
The Havoc is in operation

Tips and tricks when dealing with Havoc: When playing, I noticed some things that are easier to make a game with the Hawk:

  • Energy bullets are scarce and very few players take it. So, you could become "empty" quickly during the game. That's why the Hawk, especially at the beginning, uses it as a strong tool and to change during the round.
  • When Havoc payments, it's very high. Warn warners who object to it.
  • The Havoc can only use one dissertation. Save yourself the list space and select the dissertation that suits you better. Do not take both with you.
  • In my experience, the ideal window for each method is option x2-x4.
  • The "legendary" version of the rifle has an unnecessary attachment. You're traveling even if you're equipped with your own Hawk.

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My husband i am Havoc: A strong assault rifle is the Hawk and the first of a kind I like. I prefer to play with SMGs and Burst Rifles, depending on the situation with sniper rifles.

However, Havoc is convinced me with detailed treatment and strong damage output, with which you can break down a number of opponents with good and well-targeted salvos.

For the early and middle stages of the game, I will definitely use it more often until I find other weapons or my energy pinnacle used up.

What do you think about the Havoc?

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