Friday , December 4 2020

snakebyte gifts: New accessories for Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

The snakebyte accessories manufacturer has hardware suitable for the new generation of consoles – read more about what it means here!

snakebyte accessories for the PS5

Those lucky enough to pre-order the Sony PlayStation 5 can rely on the TWO: PAY 5 account. There is room for two DualSense controllers and, as the name implies, both managers are charged at the same time. The design is available in black or white of course and therefore fits well with the new console. That is also a good fight GAMES: TWR 5, because this ensures order: Up to ten games and up to four controllers can be stored here to save space.

The foldable HEAD: SET 5 In addition to 40mm drivers, it has a detachable microphone with a pop filter and is available in stylish black and white design so that it fits the console optically. And if you’re constantly searching for your charging cable, you’ll also find it snakebyte: USB PAY AND DATA: CABLE 5 as HDMI: CABLE 5 for 4K and 8K display devices available in different lengths and with solid mesh cover in black and white.

Xbox Series X / S meets snakebyte

Xbox Series X / S owners can also find great gifts under the tree for Christmas. With the rechargeable double battery pack BATTERY: KIT SX for their new managers and that TWO: PAY SX you are ready for many charging cycles. The duo off BATTERY: KIT SX a TWO: PAY SX perfect for charging two controllers at the same time and saying goodbye to tire batteries.

Not only that, there’s a lot on the ears as well. The stylish HEAD: SET SX in chic black with green highlights also has a removable microphone with pop protection and comes with a flexible holder. The color-interconnected mesh cables go well with the new Xbox Series X / S PAY AND DATA: CABLE SX a HDMI: CABLE SX available in different lengths for 4K and 8K.

Nintendo Switch + snakebyte

In Nintendo Switch owners’ living rooms it can also be stylish if desired. The GOD: PAY S FOUNDATION ensures order and provides the perfect place for games and controllers, because not only are there up to ten favorite games here, but also the Nintendo Switch docking station, Nintendo Switch Pro Manager and up to two extra Joy-Cons at home. The integrated LED light shows the current charging status.

It becomes even more compact with the space saving ARROW: S PAYMENT. The small charging station offers space for a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and up to four Joy-Con controllers. It also shows the current level of the battery at any time by displaying LED status. All cables required for both charging stations are included in the scope of carriage. What do you think of the new snakebyte accessories? Here’s a photo gallery for you:

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