Thursday , May 26 2022

Ski jump – Taro Iraschko before the start: "better everyday"


A good sign for the home World Cup. But during the training on Monday, Lillehammer crashed the former world champion and felt the day before qualifying on Thursday or the results. However, the 35-year-old wants to be the World Cup opening.

Final decision should only be made after consultation with the team doctor arriving at Norway on Wednesday. "I'm confident that I'll manage it, and if not, then it's not so tragic," said Iraschko-Stolz. "There's a little stress, but it's everyday." It's also likely to go into the second or third of the three competitions in Lillehammer.

Iron ore was often injured by knee and surgery problems. This time his surgery was banned. "I may not be able to do as many jumps as I was ten years ago, so I have to do some housekeeping, but I'm very confident, I'll believe my I'm competitive, "said the" Grande Dame "of Ski jumping before the ominous fall in the first snow and APA training.

Of course, Iraschko-Stolz looks forward to the home world championship in Seefeld, but also to the 2018/19 World Cup calendar with 27 competitions, including large numbers of large hills. He praised the electoral Tyrolean, who had never dropped from criticism, specifically for those responsible for the FIS World Federation. "This year, it's really casual, I looked forward to seeing the calendar." In joint stations with men, such as the Raw Air series in Norway in March, the girls would also benefit from more media interest.

At present, senior coach Harald Rodlauer, who has returned to the girls after four years as a men's assistant coach, can not rely on a quartet on the big hill. The triple is in the 1994 Olympic city (2 regular hill competition, one on a large hill) as well as Iraschko's pride, Chiara Hölzl, Eva Pinkelnig and Jacqueline Seifriedsberger here. Only in the third station in Premanon (the usual hill), full full of six ÖSVs should be fully used.

From younger ones, there is only a few crowd for the World Cup team, the space is obvious. "The performance centers work very well," said Rodlauer. "But the crowd is missing." And there is often the quality.

The 21-year-old Hölzl, who had already won a teenage mixed championship medal, had been resilient at the last time. The Salzburg resident was able to board again after a three-week break due to illness only on November 19, the rest can not be rejected. Seifriedsberger (27) had to be patient, he still had no consistency, says the trainer. Pinkelnig's state champion after heavy accidents had a lot of training time on the normal hill and Rodlauer's only change in the fall on the big Bakken.

Rodlauer does not want to put the World Cup first. "The assists should try to get confidence about good results and then there can be a lot," said Styrian. For the time being, he does not see the Austrians, except Iraschko-Stolz, as the first competitors for the best places. Japan, Slovenia, Germany and Norway have very strong teams. "I've already seen that, something has evolved," said Rodlauer's returnee.

However, the ÖSV Iraschko-Stolz capital had kept well before the accident in the first luck in the Lillehammer training with an Olympic champion and winner of the Maren Lundby World Cup (NOR). The winner of 13 World Cup competitions hopes that she will not be the only World Cup medal at Seefeld. "If several Austrians have the opportunity, that would really push the skiing of women."

Competitive sports makes the Olympic Olympics 2014 a lot of fun, the continuation of the career after the home Cup seems to be exempt. "I'd rather stop if I'm not in the World Cup because four Austrians jump better than I. That's the best thing that might happen to me, but that will be. It takes some time, "said Irschko-Stolz smiling to the APA. "In Seefeld, my chances are still pretty good."

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