Saturday , May 28 2022

She let her dad-in-law down!


Again, Kate Middleton gives a cold cold breach to her father-in-law. This is a great day for the king and the future of Prince William's dad.

A few days ago it became known Kate Middleton and Prince William refused to spend the holidays with Prince Charles. The reasons behind it are not clear. In fact, Kate never makes bad news of this type. After all, she is the love of all Royal fans and ensures their style and style are always positive headings. But now, Mom Baby's mom, Princess Charlotte and Prince George have had to give another to his dad-in-law. On a great day for Charles, the Duchess will not be there.

Kate Middleton had to canceled

Today Charles Prince turns 70 and celebrates his birthday. But Kate Middleton and Prince William will not attend the celebration. Why? Do not feel both of you like sharing with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Co? Na! In fact, both can not help it, as Catherine's calendar is quite full. She and William have to go to Yorkshire today, where they have an official appointment. Kate and Will can not spend the day with the family. But they may catch up soon. At the latest Christmas, everyone has a few days away.

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