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Martin Sellner, as a spokesperson for "Identity", said in a video that his home had been plundered for acceptance of a donation by Christchurch's alleged murderer. The BVT carried out a search of the house on Graz's Public Prosecutor order.

13:25, 26 March 2019

Martin Sellner, spokesman for the extreme right
Martin Sellner, spokesperson for the distant "Famous Movement" in Austria © APA

In connection with the attack in New Zealand, the Federal Office for Defense of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism (BVT) is conducting a house search on Monday. Martin Sellner, Speaker for the right "Austrian Identity Movement" (IBÖ). The reason was a financial donation of Christchurch's alleged murderer, who worked on the Tuesday of the APA prosecutor Graz.

"A preliminary investigation is pending with us," explained the authorities spokesman Hansjörg BacherWhy did the house search IBÖ spokesman on behalf of the prosecutor Graz. The gift in Amount of about 1,500 eurostherefore, already made in early 2018, it was therefore noted in recent inquiries into suspicion of Sellner's financial offenses, because it was higher than other donations.

"Now she has had a face," said Bacher, because the name that arose on the gift corresponds to the name of the very distant Australian who killed 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch. "That was vital for us to investigate." Initial fires from abroad or another authority did not exist for the housing search, the authorities spokesman said on request.

A data carrier secured

According to Bacher data carriers were secured in the raid. The investigation is currently underway on suspicion of being part of a terrorist group, because "most likely to be suspicious," said the authority's spokesperson. If the facts are explained, of course, this could change.

The seller acknowledged Monday evening, about 15 minutes, distributed via social media video to receive a “disproportionate donation” from an email address in the right-wing killer. For the donation, he also thanked him via e-mail: "Everyone who supports me will receive a thank you email."

Although he wished to report the gift, because he knew that investigations were also in Austria, so Sellner, but did not come before the house search. The amount of the gift that he would transfer to a charitable organization, with the terrorist attack, he had nothing to do, said the spokesman for the “identities”. He had no connection with the 28-year-old murderer and was never met. Sellner is convinced that Australia wants him to "get involved with the issue".

As announced last week, the alleged perpetrator, Australia aged 28, stayed ahead of the Austrian attack. According to media reports, the right-wing extremist traveled to Vienna on 26 November 2018, but is also said to have been in Carinthia, Salzburg and Innsbruck. BAT audits are still ongoing, as the Interior Ministry spokesmen said Christoph Pölzl on Tuesday, the APA confirmed. The exact date of your stay in Austria has not yet been confirmed.

Full education is needed

The German government and opposition parties after the house search on Tuesday called for a full education about the links with Christchurch murderers. The judiciary must work with the security authorities to "raise these networks," said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) through broadcasting. vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) declared in a distributed statement on Twitter: "There is no doubt of any doubt of extremism, one that is triggered by right, left or religious fanaticism, and no place in our society, "says Strache – without, however, specifically mentioning the" identities ",

The SPÖ accused the government of lack of commitment. NEOS hopes in this respect for a statement from the Internal Minister Herbert Kickl Thursday at the National Council – as well as the head of club NOW Bruno Rossmann,

The "Identities" are classified by Austrian Resistance Documentation Archive (DÖW) as right-wing extremists.

During the attack on two mosques at Christchurch on 15 March, 50 people were killed and dozens were injured during Friday prayers. Around 20 people are still being treated in hospitals. The suspect is in custody, facing life imprisonment for multiple life murder.

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