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Samsung shows prototypes for a smartphone with a double display – Faltphone


Samsung works on a smartphone with a flexible screen that folds out to the size of small tablets. South Korean company showed a prototype of the device on Wednesday at the developer's conference in San Francisco. When such a phone can now come to the market unclear. Production of the "Flex Infinity Exhibitions" needed to start in the coming months, says Samsung's Justin Denison manager. The flexible display is "smart phone basis for tomorrow".

The flexible display is to reveal a 7.3-inch reaching alignment, so 18.5 centimeters. Google is also working on software for the new device: The Android operating system will fully support the screen, the company's employee, Glen Murphy, said.

Presentation in the dark

However, many details were literally in the dark during the presentation of the prototype in San Francisco: On the mostly darkened platform, you could see almost only that the displays will lighten. So, it was not clear how thick the bending device is, whether the frame around the conventional screen is as wide as it looks – and exactly how Samsung planned the folding mechanism .

After all, it was also seen that she also had another display in the normal phone size on one of the external surfaces – so it could be used in a folding condition. The group decided on an early demonstration to have software developers aboard.

Justin Denison with


Justin Denison with the "Infinity Flex Display"

The Samsung concept also includes a new user interface of the name "One UI" and intelligent voice control. This role is to take over for Samsung Bixby, a digital assistant who challenges Alexa Alexa and Apple's Siri. Samsung plans to invest $ 22 billion in artificial intelligence development and hire more than a thousand developers in seven AI centers. The German version of Bixby should be introduced in a few months, said in San Francisco. Therefore, even useless in Germany, "Bixby key" on new Samsung smartphones will make sense. In the United States, however, Bixby did not receive positive reviews so far.

Samsung relies on support

DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile department, has two days in San Francisco to convince around 5,000 software developers and partner companies that have traveled there to a future vision. Because it is facing a problem: unlike Apple, it does not control the operating system of its mobile phone. Samsung relies on Android and relies on Google's support. Samsung "Tizen" operating system has never been done in the smartphone market. Koh must remove the developers on its side. If you do not modify your applications and apps, the Folder Phones will remain empty.

Samsung sells 500 million devices each year, said Koh, from rice chefs to smart speakers to smart phones or television. By 2020, all current devices should be networked and get more and more Bixby. This huge base, which Samsung hopes will provide enough interest. As early as 2021, according to Samsung market researchers, the number of smartphones will be bigger than that of ordinary models. With the folding phone, which is still off in every suit pocket, Samsung would have an attractive offer then.

Samsung's smart foldable phone has been guessing for several years. Meanwhile, China's Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo smartphones are expected to have smart phones with folding screens. And Samsung's Samsung South Korean competitor has already shown a large TV screen prototype that can be rolled up.

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