Friday , August 19 2022

Report: Turnaround will cost at least 120 billion euros – a successful concert was successfully held: Elon Musk starts lightly – Ford Study: Motorcyclists riding bikes can find hazards faster | Car | sectors


According to a report of the "Handelsblatt", billions will be needed in the coming years on the rapid change in traffic from the combustion engine to electromobility. By 2030, federal and state costs could add up to at least 120 billion euros, according to a final commission report of experts from the Federal Government. The Commission will develop a plan to halve emissions in the transport sector within eleven years. The experts assessed measures in six areas. These include investments in electromobility such as building car and lorry charging stations (€ 25 billion), expanding local transport (€ 14.5 billion) and new cycle and walking routes (€ 18 billion). On Monday, the Commission meets for the last time before submitting its results by the end of the week. "In particular, due to the growth in transport performance, the transport sector's CO2 emissions have not fallen since 1990, despite constantly improving vehicle efficiency," the draft, the Handelsblatt.

Tesla's head, Elon Musk, has blocked a concert associated with the production of Model 3, reporting "Reuters". San Francisco's district court refused legal action and filed by shareholders claiming Musk's misleading claims on the progress in producing a respected Tesla model. The plaintiffs argued that they had purchased Tesla shares at "artificial inflation prices". Musk and other Tesla executives left them in the dark about Model 3 production issues. But the court found that Tesla had reported the current difficulties. Tesla had argued in defense, Musk himself had repeatedly spoken about the "production hell". The plaintiffs sought legal action status action that could have been followed by all buyers of Tesla shares between early May 2016 and early November 2017. The court had dismissed the case once, but gave an amendment to the plaintiffs. to their application. But the second version fell.

As part of its "Share the Road" campaign, Ford has commissioned a study into the extent to which motorcyclists riding bicycles have a different perception of dangerous situations on the road. The result is staggering, because in 100 percent of all the scenarios shown there are motorists who also ride bikes, the difference is faster. For the study, Ford asked 2,000 people in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK to look for identical images, but with slightly different traffic situations. Lost in some comparison images, for example, street signs, cars, bikes or pedestrians. Although interviewees who never ride a bike take an average of 10.68 seconds to see the difference, the peer group took just 9.25 seconds, a moment and a half faster. In addition, the group of active cyclists was 3 per cent better in correctly assessing the changing traffic conditions.

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