Monday , January 17 2022

Renault Appoints Transition Lead ONLINE TIME


The Renault French carmaker rebuilt his head temporarily. Deputy General Manager Thierry Bolloré takes over the company's temporary control. The head, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested on Monday in Japan. Because Ghosn "has stopped" at the moment, take over Bolloré temporarily
his duties, the Board informed. It will receive the same
Gosn. Officially, Gosn kept his job as chairman of the board.

The French government had called for a Face quickly. "Mr. Ghosn is not able to manage the company today," said Minister of Finance and Finance Bruno Le Maire to the French broadcaster, Franceinfo. The French state owns 15 percent of the shares in Renault.

Ghosn's arrest background is allegations of injuries. The connection with Renault
Nissan car maker is 64-year-old from earning her in Japan and enriched herself at the expense of a company. According to internal investigations, Couples and other managers were mistaken in cash reports in the Japanese Stock Exchange reports and were underestimated in the case of Ghosn. The media reported that since 2011, Ghosn has spent a total of 5 billion yen (around 40 million euros) on income over a five-year period.

According to Nissan, Ghosn should also have privately used private company property.
Japanese media reported that Nissan's daughter was with Ghosn
He bought luxury apartments in four countries, for whom the manager is responsible
he could get rid of it. According to the NHK broadcaster, a pocket money pack on the
The name of other managers was paid.

"No evidence yet"

The company did not comment on the payments on Tuesday night. Current measures should protect the interests of the group and ensure continuity. On the stock market in Japan, Nissan shares and Mitsubishi Motors became under pressure during the relationship. Probably, Ghosn can not remain president of the company if the allegations against it prove correctly.

The French Finance Minister, Le Maire, called for quick action, as the current situation weakens the global motor and Renault motor alliance. But Paris does not formally replace the upper manager of the upper manager: "We have no evidence, we are in a constitutional condition." In terms of the French taxation position in the country, the Minister said that no specific features had been identified.

Gosn, born in Brazil, who also holds the citizenship of Libanus and French, is currently the chief executive of Nissan and CEO of Renault in France. It also leads the far-reaching alliance between the two camps who participate in a cross-haul way. In Nissan Ghosn he was considered long as a rescuer. After Renault came in the car maker in 1999, the bankrupt group made it profitable.

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