Wednesday , January 20 2021

Removable Back: emotional disturbance Ali Güngörmüs

Ali Güngörmüs recalls the start of his cooking career as if it had been yesterday. By the way, it turns on the "Glockenbach" pub display, which is a chef. He is competent, but she has doubts that his origin might influence the decision. But Karl Ederer does not care – he sees the potential in Güngörmüs and even helps him win his Michelin Star award. "I almost see it as my cooking son," said Ederer, proud.

Tim Mälzer also understands exactly what deep connection between the two exists. Unfortunately, his former teacher Helmut Helwig had already died, but Mälzer learned much of it. As it does not matter how much you've got to achieve, everyone has started somewhere once. And there is always an emotional time to remember the people who gave you this opportunity.

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