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Reduce your blood pressure with 5 simple tricks


Lower blood pressure for high blood pressure

Blood pressure can often be reduced naturally. In some cases, even medicines become obsolete in the long term. But comment: Anyway, don't reduce the prescribed medication to you without prior consultation with your doctor! Here are 5 simple tricks to lower your blood pressure effectively and effectively!

Drug treatment

From the perspective of many victims, medicines are the simplest and safest way of lowering blood pressure and thus reduce the highest risk factor for stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases. Unfortunately, the antibodies are often not taken properly because the victims see or fear side effects.

Blood pressure can also be reduced naturally. (Image: zinkevych /

This basis is not completely unfounded, because the medicines can lead to dizziness, lethargy and fatigue, depending on the drug to headache, sleep disorders or erectile dysfunction. Many users find that they are less efficient after taking them, just take the supplements for self-perceived needs or even throw them completely. But this is completely counterproductive, as it can only reduce blood pressure through continued, long-term use.

It depends on you!

It is possible to escape from this dilemma. However, you have to be active on your own behalf. But it's worth it: in the best case, you can achieve ideal blood pressure while staying fit and essential. In addition, our five tips are easy to operate. See for yourself:

Tip # 1: Trumps is the movement

You don't have to become a best athlete to do something good for your heart's health. Even the transition from total inactivity to gentle exercise has a positive effect. Above all, it is essential that you choose the right sport for your success.

Basically, all the sports involved, which have moderate endurance exercise. Jogging, Nordic walking, walking, cross country skiing, cycling, swimming or ball sports like tennis are particularly suitable if you don't run them too ambitious and competitive. The ideal frequency is 3 to 5 endurance units of 30 minutes per week. Start quietly with small units of 5 minutes and increase them continuously over several weeks.

Instead, it is unsuitable, however, all sports strength, for example, the well-known "pumping" in the gym. Because, as this oral expression already makes it clear, weight lifting often leads to compressed breathing, which leads to blood pressure highlights and therefore to heavy stress on the heart muscle. Moderate strength training led by an experienced physiotherapist or trainer is still possible.

Generally, an athletics concept that has to think well can lower your blood pressure from 5 to 10mmHg.

Endurance sports can significantly reduce blood pressure. (Image:

Tip # 2: Small salt, lots of fresh herbs

High salt intake can increase blood pressure. If you manage to reduce your salt intake to less than six grams a day, your blood pressure is likely to decrease too. On average, careless diets, you should have daily salt from 15 to 30g at present. Many Germans can't imagine delicious food with little salt. But especially Mediterranean food is tested, with fresh herbs and refined cooking, which can even have a much better taste than with a ton of salt. The Mediterranean Cuisine cookbook, published by the German Heart Foundation is special for heart disease, and you should warm this heart to the heart (!).

Tip # 3: Alcohol is moderate

From a certain amount, alcohol increases hypertension. Men are advised to drink no more than 20g alcohol a day, for example about 250ml of wine (depending on alcohol strength). For women, 10 g is the maximum daily limit, partly because of the lower body weight, and secondly because they cannot break the alcohol down so quickly.

Tip # 4: Remove overweight

Admittedly this is not a particularly easy advice to put into practice, but in case there is too much pressure, normalizing body weight has a very positive effect on blood pressure. Losing weight is not easy, but often pays twice: combining regular physical activity with a healthy diet and you will experience the vitality of the new as wealth that you no longer want to lose. A positive body feeling and healthy circulation will lead to a higher quality of life in the long term and that will balance your efforts – promised!

A healthy diet and low salt reduces blood pressure. (Image: kab-vision /

Tip # 5: Stress Management

Occupational and private tensions can increase blood pressure permanently. Negative stress in everyday life is not a constant fact, but it can be avoided. Here is a short list of the best stress killers:

1. In stressful situations, first go to the "bird's eye view" and look at what happens with an inner distance of the above! You'll often find that excitement doesn't get you anywhere anyway, and some things happen only. If you can't change them, it's better to accept them.

But if your stress has a case that happens time and time again, the answer is in your power, then to handle it! Career changes or open conversations with your partner can make wonders about your wellbeing. If necessary, do not escape therapy (couple)! Being helped is not ashamed and has already improved the situation of many people sustainably.

3. Relaxation exercises help against everyday stress. You can do whatever is good for you: yoga, autogenic training, breathing exercises, stress ball massage, rocking or trampolining!

4. Even a regular hobby can reduce stress. Whether you want to paint, sing, dance or knit: do it regularly. So you have something to look forward to in stressful situations.

5. Reduce the TV with the night. It can have a relaxing effect on you, but it is not suitable for reducing stress as a passive activity alone. Arrange days of the week that you don't watch TV but meet friends or follow your new hobby. We wish you a lot of fun! (FS)

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