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Rammstein Tour 2019 – Tickets at the VVK: Announce concerts! Events turn ahead when selling


Frontman Rammstein Till Lindemann in a concert.
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Enthusiasm among the Rammstein-Fans: Ten years after releasing their final album "Love is there for everyone" Finally, the 2019 cult band is on tour again! From the 27 events organized across Europe, only nine concerts held in Germany. Berlin, Hanover, Munich, Rostock, Frankfurt am Main and two double concerts in Dresden and Gelsenkirchen on the agenda. The assumption began on November 8. Shortly thereafter, the Eventim ticket side came down. Too many Rammstein fans were too big. On their Facebook page, the band released two additional concerts in Munich and Vienna.

Tocyn Rammstein 2019-VVK: That's how fans get ahead in the tickets

Members of the Berlin fan club "LIFAD" were fortunate enough to have tickets Monday to Wednesday. For them there was a unique right to order in advance. Originally, there was also an opportunity not to file unlimited phone members with the fan club for an annual fee of 25 euros. This motion was withdrawn due to too much demand after a few hours, so you can read on the fan's club pageSo, for everyone else, it was: patient until Thursday a hit the Eventim ticket provider at 10 o'clock, But as often as large bands, the site was completely covered with the assault.

You can order Rammstein Best Of Album "Made in Germany 1995 – 2011" here, The

The confirmed dates for the "Rammstein 2019 Tour" in Germany

  • 27.05.19 in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen
  • 28.05.19 in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen
  • 08.06.19 at the Munich Olympic Stadium
  • 09.06.19 at the Munich Olympic Stadium (additional concert)
  • 12.06.19 at the Rudolf Harbig Stadium in Dresden
  • 13.06.19 at the Rudolf Harbig Stadium in Dresden
  • 16.06.19 at Ostseestadion Rostock
  • 22.06.19 at the Berlin Olympic Stadium
  • 02.07.19 in the HDI Arena in Hannover
  • 13.07.19 at the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt / M.

Tickets in the VVK for the Rammstein European Tour are personalized

Tickets for the European tour are personal. This means that each card has been assigned to one person, which is also strictly controlled at the time of admission. Therefore, the black market trade should be stopped. However, if you are suddenly sick or suspended for other reasons, you can return your card through fansale.de. Tickets are limited to six tickets per purchase.

Rammstein Tour 2019 Prices: That's how much tickets are costing

The first awards for the Ticktets Rammstein have already dropped. According to "morecore.de" ticket prices can be different from city to city. An overview can be found for fans here.

The remaining dates of the European tour of the Rocker Industrial

As the tickets for Rammstein concerts are always very popular and are selling fast, it may also be worth checking out on other dates of Rammstein concerts. A concert visit to a small city trip might be combined?

  • 01.06.19 at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona
  • 05.06.19 at the Stade de Suisse in Bern
  • 19.06.19 at Telia Parking in Copenhagen
  • 25.06.19 in the South Kuip in Rotterdam
  • 28.06.19 at Paris La Défense Arena in Paris
  • 06.07.19 at the MK stage in Milton Keynes
  • 10.07.19 at Stade Roi Baudouin in Brussels
  • 16.07.19 at Eden Aréna in Par
  • 17.07.19in Eden Aréna in Prague
  • 20.07.19 are the Roeser Holiday Aims in Luxembourg
  • 24.07.19 at the Slaska Stadium in Chorzów
  • 29.07.19 in the VTB Arena in Moscow
  • 02.08.19 at St Petersburg Stadium in St Petersburg
  • 06.08.19 at Lucavsala Park in Riga
  • 10.08.19 at the Ratina Stadium in Tampere,
  • 14.08.19 at Stockholm Stadium in Stockholm
  • 18.08.19 at the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo
  • 22.08.19 at the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna
  • 23.08.19 at the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna (an additional concert)

New Rammstein albums are in the start blocks

One may be eager to see if Rammstein riders present songs of their new albums in their spectacular live shows and light again. After all, Rammstein recently announced on their website that the work on the long new era was almost complete. Unsubscribed albums would end in spring 2019, losing supporters for almost 10 years.

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