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Rammstein: Has it been stolen from a new one "Germany"?

Rammstein's "German" video hit as a bomb last Thursday. Since the statement was eagerly debated – about irritating and especially what this video actually means. Everything important for the new release is available here.

+++ Update the newsticker for the Rammstein +++ release

Update: 1st April, Berlin – The new video of Rammstein has already generated over 19 million views on Youtube. The clip is on track. However, some supporters appeared to be familiar with the electronic presentation – and to a particular artist.

"Nice to hear that Rammstein has been so influenced by me and David Harrow," wrote Anne Clark, the British pop singer on her Facebook page. In 1984 she released her "Our Darkness".

In fact, Rammstein has striking similarities to the intro to "Germany". A fan of Anne Clark wrote under her post "Sue her!" Artist's answer? "Let's see what my publisher says". But listen for yourself.

"Germany" Rammstein: This is the main actress in the new video

Update. 31 March, Berlin – She was the main character in the new Rammstein video: Ruby Comney played the character "Germania" in "Germany". Either at the start of the battle of Idistaviso (16 BC), during the Golden Twenties, as the hostage of the RAF or during the Third Reich in the concentration camp. But who is the actress?

Ruby Comney was born in 1991 in Berlin. Our actress was at the Deutsches Theater in the German capital since 2011. He acted among others in the plays "Vanishing Point Berlin", "Death Sin 7" and "Alice". Since 2016, German actress Rammstein's video studies act at the University of Arts.

Ruby Comney in "Germany": Here is depicted as a German Emperor – Friedrich I. Barbarossa is like

© Screenshot Youtube / Rammstein

Israel's Foreign Ministry is calling for the removal of Rammstein's video

Update: 30 March, Berlin – After the 30 second terrace on "Germany" in many places anger appeared, the thoughts seem to have calmed as much as possible after releasing the video. But there are still some critical voices that see Rammstein's video as a pure provocation.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, Emmanuel Nahshon, insists that the Rammstein video is erased via Twitter on the basis of depicting Jews who have caught up in the concentration camp. Originally her claim was based on the 30-second clip. But even after the publication of "Germany" Nahshon confirmed his view.

"I still think it's a mistake and inappropriate use Shoah to put it succinctly, especially in Germany, especially in German." The new Rammstein video continues to polarize. Some media talk about masterpiece, others see the band's message but have failed.

Rammstein: Tracking list of the new album

Update: March 29, 3:45 pm. Berlin – Rammstein's video, published yesterday, will be available on April 12th as one in a regular edition and special edition. You can also order the new album – which is already un-tailored. It will take place on 17 May.

Since Rammstein likes to make their fans hot and guessed, a tracker list has been censored from the new album already released. This looks like this:

  • Germany, 5:23
  • + ADI +, 4:37
  • ++++ YOU, 4:15
  • A + S + A + D + R, 3:51
  • ++ X, 3:56
  • P + PP +, 4:33
  • + AS + CH ++ E ++, 4:29
  • + IA + AN +, 2:34
  • WE ++ WE +, 4:20 +
  • A ++ OO, 4:11
  • + ALL ++ Yes, 4:11

"Germany": This is the words to the single Rammstein

Update: March 29, 11:38. Berlin – The new Rammstein video "Germany" has already produced nearly six million views on Youtube within 18 hours. No wonder: The band has created a real masterpiece with the video, which doesn't save on bomast, attention to detail and ambiguity.

Also the words from Till Lindemann's pen are back. In the song, Rammstein's foreman describes the turmoil of his country – the love-loving relationship he feels about the past. Here are words to "Germany":

[Strophe 1] you (you have, you have, you have) Crying a lot (cry, cry, cry, cry), Separated in spirit (separated, separated, separated, separated), United in the heart (united, united, united, united)

we are (we are, we, we, we are) Have been with each other for a long time (are you, you are)? Your cold breath (so cold, so cold, so cool, so cold) The heart in flames (so hot, so hot, so hot, so hot)

you (you can, you can, you can) I have (I know, I know, I know, I know) t we are (we are, we, we, we are) your (you're staying, waiting, you're staying, waiting) t

[Refrain] Germany – my heart in flames Want to love you and damn Germany – your cold breath Germany is so young – and yet so old!

[Strophe 2] I have (you have, you have, you have) I never want to leave you (you're crying, you're crying, you're crying) t You can love you you love, you love, you love

And I want to hate you (You hate it, you hate it, you hate it, you hate it) t Overbearing, better, take over, surrender, invading Germany, Germany over the whole

[Refrain] Germany – my heart in flames Want to love you and damn Germany – cold breath Germany so young – yet so old – your love is a curse and blesses Germany – my girlfriend I can't give you Germany !! Germany!

[Bridge] You are yours (overheating, unnecessary) I have (Superman, tired of it) we are (which goes up, it will fall deep) t your (Germany, Germany above all)

[Refrain] Germany – my heart in flames Want to love you and damn Germany – cold breath Germany so young – yet so old – your love is a curse and blesses Germany – my girlfriend I can't give you Germany !!

A view of Germany: Four Rammstein members are in a concentration camp in the gallows.

© Screenshot Youtube / Rammstein

Rammstein's "Germany" appeared from the end

Update: March 28, 7:07 pm, Berlin – There are: The new Rammstein video "Germany". A nine minute masterpiece has been seen since 6pm. In it, the band depicts the inner history and turmoil of the country in a way never seen before. It can already be said: Rammstein has set new standards with its new clip and will dominate the headlines in the coming days.

First reactions to Rammstein's video before release

Update: March 28, 3:40 pm, Berlin – It won't take much time until the new Rammstein video is released. But only a few hours before releasing more than nine minutes of long clip tracks around the net. The impatient fans already report their impressions.

And all other Rammstein fans can hopefully vote. "Video and song are so cool !!!!!!" is a comment. Another fan writes: "Really obvious, a little atypical, but it makes you feel stupid." It seems as if something big rises at 6 pm.

First video showing of the new Rammstein song at 6 pm

Update: 28th March. 13:12, Berlin – Now there is official: The new Rammstein video will be released promptly at 6pm this Thursday. An appropriate video has already uploaded the band on their official Youtube channel. So far, it's just a test picture. In a few hours there will be the same new "German" broadcast.

Rammstein's video of 18 o'clock?

Update: March 28, 11:11 pm, Berlin – Rammstein fans now count the records until the video has just been released, but it could take a few more hours. According to internal information, "Germany" should not appear before 6pm on Thursday (March 28). You'll probably need a few hours of patience.

Politicians and societies are angry over Rammstein's video

Update: March 28, 9:25 pm, Berlin – Rammstein's new video is not yet released – but it already beats high waves. With the clip to "Pussy" of the previous album "Love for all there" has excited Berlin not only the actors, but also the mind. Also, it seems that "Germany" is calling the band's critics on the plan, reporting the picture.

The video, which seems to theme the Holocaust among other things, is already causing horror to Jewish politicians and societies. "With this video, the band has crossed a border," said critic Charlotte Knobloch, former president of the Central Council of Jews of the new relief of Rammstein.

"Form of corporal analysis" is the Rammstein video, however, for the Jewish historian Michael Wolffsohn and Felix Klein, the Federal Government's anti-Semitism commissioner says: "The staging of death camping musicians summed up represents a line crossing This only serves the promotion of the new album, believing that this is a blameless exploitation of artistic freedom.

Once it is clear: Rammstein is back and will certainly dominate the headlines again in the coming days. Supporters will be happy.

Rammstein: The first piece of a new one to be released

Update: March 28, 12 o'clock, Berlin – The tension continues. On Tuesday (26 March) Rammstein released a 34 second selection for the new video. "Inside" told Bild: "The song is a journey through the history of our country and expresses the hate-love relationship created by a beautiful and ugly episode of history."

Also, the text of the first song gave the price of the picture. According to singer Till Lindemann the lines "Germany, my heart in flames, want to love and damn you" in the same "Germany" cut into the micro. Until the whole video, which is supposed to go 15 minutes, appears, fans do not have to wait much longer.

After the album comes, the tour: 2019 will be an exciting year for Rammstein fans.


Well the wait is over: Rammstein's single is the name "Germany"

Update: 27 March, Berlin – Now is official: the new Rammstein will be named "Germany". On their Facebook page, the band released a 34-second drop of the new video, which was shot at the Spittal Citadel.

On display are four of the six bands, all of which hang from the gallows, appearing ready to operate. It seems that the song "Germany" deals with the history of the country. The dark – Rammstein characteristic sound – is complemented by a dark sound. Therefore, at least, the confidentiality of the title of the song is revealed. When the song is available, it is still visible.

Rammstein's album only in May?

Update: 26 March, Berlin – Has Amazon been babysitting? As a watchful Rammstein fan who was told, the business was ordered by post already listed the new single as well as the album in its range. The one with the name "Germany" for the 12th of April is supposed to be given as a statement.

So according to Amazon, the name "Rammstein", the album will be published on 17 May. So a month later than previously thought. As Amazon has deleted the two items back from its range, it can be guessed until Thursday further.

Guess about a single Rammstein

Update: 26 March, Berlin – Rammstein fans have two days left to guess – then there must be certainty. Does the new one mean "You're crying a lot"? And does the cover have been distributed since Monday (March 25) really about the original?

It is also believed that one new Berlin band could already appear at 0 o'clock next Thursday (28 March). That would shorten waiting Rammstein followers at least for a few hours.

Rammstein: Cover the same new geleaked?

Update: March 25th, Berlin – The tension is rising among Rammstein fans: Since last Saturday they have a day to look forward to releasing the new single. Now there is a possible cover of the new song to be released.

To be shown a woman in a knight's dress holds a sword. The name "Germany" is the single one. The picture is circulated in a French Rammstein forum. But it could also be fake. Meanwhile, a new tile for the video released on Thursday was published on Instagram.

According to other sources, however, the name “You have cried a lot” is the single name, and the title of the successor album is “Love is there forawb” in “Germany”. In three days Rammstein fans know more.

Rammstein probably releases a new one in a few days

First registration: 24th March, Berlin – Rammstein has not heard much to read it in recent months. It was already clear that the new album should be released next April. But the release date, and no other information about a long-awaited successor "love there for all" or at least one new there for the fans was hungry.

A few weeks ago, Berlin's metal combo gave an insight into the video shot for the first one. This was filmed in the Spandau Zitadalle and provided with the hashtag #duhastvielgeweint – the possible name of the new Rammstein song?

Rammstein: New video on 28 March

Since Saturday (March 23) it seems clear when the video will see daylight: On official channel Spotify the band released some short videos of the new one. These are given the date "March 28, 2019" in the Roman script. Possible release date of the new Rammstein song?

March 28, 2019: Release date of the new Rammstein video?

© Instagram Screenshot

The fans base is at least exciting: Its heroes will probably be back in a few days after many years with a new video and a new video. On 27 May Rammstein will then begin the tour of the big stadium through Europe. The kick-off will be two shows at the Veltins Arena Gelsenkirchen. But ticket sales caused a lot of trouble for many fans. This will be forgotten at least on Thursday.

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