Friday , August 19 2022

Premier League Darts at Headquarters 3 with Gerwen van, Cross, Price


On the third day Darts & Premier League, there were several best games in the "3Arena" in the Irish capital of Dublin. (Premier League Darts on Thursday on SPORT1 and LIVESTREAM)

World Champion Michael van Gerwen confirmed his strong performance against Rob Cross. The game between Gerwyn Price and James Wade was slightly less clear. (SERVICE: Complete Darts & Ultra League Timetable)

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Price fighting back – Wade's strong finish

The seventh position of the world Gerwyn Price 2-0 led quickly to both places behind James Wade, who kept silent and won a 5-2 leader.

The 33-year-old price proved morale and showed a strong holding. In the end, James Wade made a strong finish and check from 129 to 6: 6.

Initially, Lennon is shocking Wright

Who would have thought that? Peter Wright was a surprise heavily. Steve Lennon quickly led 3-0, by Peter Wright the first small strong arrows.

But Snakebite kept a cold head and was precisely, quickly it was 3: 3 – and Wright took the lead. 4: 3. Lennon, number 37 in the world, came back to 5-6 before winning seventh Wrightdas. However, the top check continued with Steve Lennon in 105.

Rob Cross does not see any country against MvG

The referee world champion presented in front of bombs. Michael van Gerwen led fast 3-0 fasts, while his opponent, Rob Cross, was nervous. It totaled 13 times to more than 100 points.

In contrast, nothing came together in the second cross of the world's site. Finally, he won two legs before the MvG closed the bag. 7: 2 was the final score.

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Gurney beat the World Cup final

Number five against six in the world – or: Daryl Gurney against Michael Smith. As the game was balanced on the paper, it was equally balanced on the dartboard. Although Smith led 2-0, but then Gurney won the next four legs. Up to 5: 5, the game was balanced.

The 32-year-old Gurney won the Northern Ireland game 7: 5. The two opponents' values ​​were balanced: Smith was more than 100 points more, but Goutney managed 140 the highest check.

Drawing the picture of Suljovic and van Barneveld

Mensur Suljovic and Raymond van Barneveld presented themselves at eye level in the final competition of the night. The Austrian began to be fierce, quickly led by 5: 1. But Barneveld's headmaster's van was not ignored and hurried up quickly. His top score is 92. Suljovic took the lead again before Barneveld's place made the draw perfect.

Viewing Gamingay Darts Premier League:

Gerwyn Price – James Wade 6: 6

Steve Lennon – Peter Wright 5: 7

Michael van Gerwen – Rob Cross 7: 2

Michael Smith – Daryl Gurney 5: 7

Mensur Suljovic – Raymond van Barneveld 6: 6

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