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Photovoltaic systems soon on prescription (

(PM) Vitamin D is central to the human body. Broken bones and an increased risk of respiratory diseases can be due to vitamin D deficiency. Scientists from Germany have now found in an extensive study that photovoltaic system operators suffer less vitamin D.

Vitamin D is known as a positive factor for the cardiovascular system and for strengthening the bone structure. Vitamin D3 is formed in the human skin by operating sun rays. The human body is able to produce vitamin D independently by regular exercise in the open air, slow irradiation of the surface, the lines and hands are perfectly adequate. for this. Sunshine stimulates the production of vitamin D in the body through biological processes. However, vitamin D deficiency can occur during the sunny winter months.

A study confirms the positive effect of solar power
German scientists, in collaboration with Enerix in a 24-month study, have now seen a startling result. Homeowners with their own photovoltaic systems using eco-friendly solar energy suffer less vitamin D deficiency than those from electricity from traditional electricity providers.
During the first 12 months, study participants lived in their house without a photovoltaic system such as the front and electricity from the public electricity grid. After 12 months, the new photovoltaic systems were stored with an electric storage switch on. The vitamin D content in the blood increased prominently.

According to the scientists, the reason for this positive effect is that vitamin D is stored in the solar energy atoms that have been stored. If you cook with the solar power to store it or you, for example, blow your hair, vitamin D will be released again. "The result has confirmed our speculation. We have already noticed that solar power has a very positive effect on the mood of our past customers," said Enerix's head office.

Photovoltaic systems soon on prescription?
The study is currently being submitted to the Health Insurance Association Federal Funds and some funds have already shown that they will support the future financial purchase of a photovoltaic system. This requires the GP to certify the patient's vitamin D deficiency and prescribe solar healing.

The detailed study can be read here >>

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