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Petra Vlhová wants to win the big crystal ball


Petra Vlhová wants to win the big crystal ball

Petra Vlhová wants to win the big crystal ball

Levi – Slovak ski racer Petra Vlhová won one slalom in Levi on Saturday and Sunday. In the general position, it has a sovereign place in the sun. The former technology expert has developed into a general. Accordingly, she also stares at the large crystal ball, even if it is still far away.

When asked about the successes in Finland, the 25-year-old said she left the place with a lot of self-confidence and felt she had a lot of strength in Ski World Cup season. The class that showed up in Lapland also left the competition somewhat open. She has won five slaloms across the seasons. This obviously makes her feel ready for bigger things. And what does former DSV athlete Felix Neureuther say about Vlhová?

The German technology expert in earlier days recognizes for a highly detailed work that has clear goals in mind and wants to achieve and execute with his own team. Anyway, he can make the jump to the top. Neureuther admires Vlhová’s silence, which she radiates in the upper body. This is one of the many keys to success.

Six years ago he won the gold medal at the World Junior Championships; two years earlier he made his first appearance in the World Cup. After years of apprenticeship at a continental level, he competed in the World Ski Cup from the winter of 2016/17. The first win ensured her made the success. Slovakia comes from a country where there are good training opportunities, but to be honest only a small society has no real professional structures.

Behind the 25-year-old’s success are two men, father Igor and trainer Livio Magoni, who paved his way to the top of the world. When we think of Veronika Velez-Zuzulová, who was also very successful with her private team, one can see similarities.

Magoni has also led the Slovenian Tina Maze to successes en masse. The Italian is a success coach and an important element in your team. The instructor is a perfectionist who knows every detail and a tinker like no other. In the azure band he was too addicted to many.

Since December 2016, Vlhová has celebrated 16 World Cup victories. They will be joined by four World Cup medals and two small crystal balls at the Slalom and Parallel World Cup. And anyone who knows the Slovak woman knows that there is a lot more room in her house and she has absolutely nothing to oppose winning a big crystal ball.

Training units are varied, hand-to-foot coordination is enhanced by a hobby – playing the drums. The upper body and trunk are trained in tennis and kayaking. Ice skating simulates the skating stage, which is important for an explosive boot process, and motocross riding is all about finding the right line and following intuition.

Vlhová wants to get started in all disciplines. The coach wants to get the most out of his protégé. In 2019 he won the giant slalom world championship in Åre; And it would be a special satisfaction for Magoni if ​​his athlete in Cortina d’Ampezzo spilled the soup for the blue-haired opponents and got the gold again.

And there is another goal. At the Olympic Winter Games, to be held in the Chinese capital of Beijing in 2022, the dream of a gold medal is to be turned into a reality. However, Vlhová and Magoni are not dreamers, they are real artists. Successes do not fall from the sky, and with this knowledge and the professionalism of the team, there is definitely a chance for Slovakia to lift the big ball in the foreseeable future, but also to conquer precious metal in the Middle Kingdom.

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