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Penalty of 90 million euros for Bosch


Exhaust treatment

However, not all legal disputes are late.

The Volkmar Vol Denner (photo) can check another procedure in VW diesel scandal. The prosecutor Stuttgart has imposed a fine of € 90 million against German automotive suppliers, as announced by the authority on Thursday in Stuttgart.

Bosch is involved in a VW scandal as the supplier has provided the appropriate engine control, with Volkswagen Diesel software being treated. This led prosecutors to the fact that the relevant vehicles were disposing of more nitrogen oxides than permitted. However, Stuttgart researchers assume that the enterprise for integration and design is derived from every employee in the car manufacturer. This could, for example, play an important part in possible claims for compensation against Bosch.

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Collaboration was rewarded

It is said that Stuttgart researchers have also incorporated the results of other prosecutors. The fine also took into account the fact that those responsible had been working with the researchers since October. The supplier rejects a spokesperson, according to an appeal, so the case against the company has been completed. However, investigations against individual Bosch workers continue. The company is also still facing complaints worldwide.

The fine now imposed is significantly lower at 90 million euros than in Volkswagen and its Audi and Porsche subsidiaries, for example, which together had to pay amounts of more than t two billion euros. At Bosch, the payment includes an administrative offense (€ 2 million) and a profit deduction (€ 88 million). Especially the latter was higher in the car manufacturers, because it can earn more with cars than parts for the engine.

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Only a small part

According to prosecutors, Bosch has supplied engine management units from 2008 to 17 million to manufacturers in Germany and abroad. It would only partly have included unacceptable software strategies. The public prosecutor's office is open and manufacturers are concerned about it. Also against Daimler is currently running a fine procedure.

For Bosch, however, the misconduct in the large diesel scandal has only a small part. Recently, the supplier had included € 1.2 billion for legal risks, of which the vast majority of it was intended for litigation in connection with the diesel scandal. In the United States, Bosch had settled a number of legal cases involving millions of dollars in settlements. But more civil action is taking place around the world.


In Baden-Wurttemberg was already fined 535 million euros
Exciting wishes. The considerations range from traffic development to Institute of Climate Protection (UDP), retrofitting for diesel cars (SPD) or debt repayment (FDP) only. Elsewhere, however, there are fewer lands in the treasury in return. Like Porsche, Bosch can claim the share of the profit tax deduction.

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