Thursday , January 20 2022

Parship advertising ban as "Germany's largest dating agency"


The most individual uses an agency, the more the probability of finding the right person. After this simple consideration, Parship operators should have chosen their advertising slogan. But for the application to be "the largest German dating service", the Upper Munich Regional Court does not see enough evidence. The plaintiff, the Lovescout24 competitor, is content.

Annual turnover of single markets in the net: 211 million euros

The two competitors are among the most successful providers in the online dating market in Germany. And it's still growing. More than 8 million people visit the German Internet connection ports each month. In total, operators account for around 135 million registered profiles. In order to attract interested parties to their own site, they therefore depend on advertising campaigns with scout slogans. However, Lovescout24's personal advertisements provider has successfully joined a bid from the Parship competitor. He is no longer able to call himself "Germany's largest dating agency".

Lovescout24 and Parship with more than ten million users

The senior regional court of Munich (Az .: 6 U 454/18) confirms its decision by a first place award. The basis was the annual "The German Online Dating Market" study. Therefore, Lovescout24 and Parship registered over 10 million members during the 2017/18 survey period. However, representatives of Parship in court referred to a higher number of premium members called here. Unlike free accounts, membership of premium membership is payable. At least 660, – Euro payers & customers in Parship annually, including creating a personality profile and additional filtering options in the contact search.

Court: the number of participants is more important than the member's status

However, the details of members and profiles paid by services did not play any role for interested customers, says court. It can also be assumed that users did not differ between dating sites, dating ports or partner ports. In a clear language: Parship or Lovescout24, for the Navy, is less likely to count on membership or number of similar feelings, which can be viewed on the web pages. Against this background, the ruling distributes the term "Germany's largest dating agency" as inappropriate and therefore discards.


Who advertises with superintendents, he must provide evidence in case. Parship did not succeed in this case. According to the court, the willingness of its members to pay does not play a role in choosing exchange of contact. However, given the number of other relative users, Parship should no longer be the largest provider on the market.


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