Saturday , October 1 2022

Owner of the Hong Kong restaurant bought a truffle for € 85,000 «


The owner of a Hong Kong restaurant has paid € 85,000 for an auction truffle in Italy. The tube weighed 850 grams, telling Italian media on Sunday. It is considered that the auction of truffles in Scotland in Piedmont is the most unique of its type. Gourmets come from all over the world through a video. The auction serves the purposes of a charity.

For 88 years, the annual truffle auction will take place in Scotland. The prices for high quality white truffles this year are 3500 euros per kilogram, says experts. For the less famous black truffles, the price is about 500 euros per kilogram. In Italy, there are around 200,000 truckle collectors. They produce a sales of 500 million euros per year.


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