Tuesday , November 24 2020

One million dollars bail: Richter bans R. Kelly's connection with underage children

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<p class=Semen's remains should be R. Kelly's burden.

Imago / Press ZUMA

For years, there are allegations against the abuse of R & B R. Kelly, his career does not hurt. But after the treatment of sexual abuse, the chancellor must pass his passport now – and must not go to victims and witnesses.

A bail of a million dollars (882,000 euros) has set in the case against the US singer R. Kelly about serious sexual abuse by minors. However, in order to release himself, Kelly only has to deposit one-tenth of the size of bail, Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. at the Chicago hearing. In addition, the player must pass his passport if he / she wishes to be kept out.

Judge Kelly also denied any connection with underage children and victims and alleged witnesses in the trial. The prosecution at the hearing stated that DNA tests of semen remains were damaging to Kelly.

Kelly had been facing a police arrest in Chicago on Friday for a warranty. He is responsible for serious sexual abuse of underage in ten cases. According to prosecutor Kim Foxx, the cases date from 1998 to 2010 and affect four victims, including three aged 13 to 16 year olds.

Kelly, 52, has been facing decades with allegations of abuse of underage women. In 1994, the 15-year-old R & B singer, Aaliyah, has the first "Age Is not Nothing But a Number" album that he produced. Later, her marriage was abolished. In 2001, Aaliyah died in an aircraft crash.

Successful despite all allegations

A year later Kelly was accused of a child pornography, but in 2008 she was released. It was still successful despite all the allegations. But since an explosive document in January, the disclosures do not stop. In the United States "Lifetime" six-hour documentary program, the singer's many daughters accused of having sex with women under 16.

Other witnesses ensure that the musicians who are known from hits such as "We believe we can fly" have kept women as well as sex slaves. As a result, the RCA record label published the collaboration with Kelly. According to lawyer Michael Avenatti, the newly charged allegations have been underpinned by at least one video that will show the singer in sex with a minor.

Kelly denied all the allegations about her lawyer Steve Greenberg. "I believe that all the girls lie," said the defense.

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