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ÖFB team finished the League of Nations series 18


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– Tuesday, 20.11.2018, 23:06

The ÖFB team of the United Nations League finished in the 18th place. This gives Faoda-Elf a good opportunity to make a bid for B-league, where a 20-2 European European Championship final ticket will be played. For the European Championship qualification on a regular basis, Austria will be pulled out of a bottle in the picture on December 2.

The red-white selection was the second re-assembly of the B league thanks to the final victory in Northern Ireland. If two of the group winners in the B (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, Ukraine, Sweden) or Russian best-league champions in the European Championship qualification qualify for the final, Austria is slipping into play.

The ÖFB team will also have a play space if at least ten of the 12 countries in the league A qualify for European Championship qualification.

In the final, which will be played as a four-country tournament in March 2020, will have another place in the final European Championship competition.

In the regular European Championship qualification, held between March 21 and November 19, 2019, in ten groups of five or six teams, 20 teams will be eligible for the final. Austria secured a place in two of the design thanks to the second place in the B3 League of Nations group.

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