Friday , August 19 2022

Ninja loses 90 percent of subscribers


Tyler's "Ninja" Blevins, which has recently been considered the most successful world-wide, is close to the top 10. Within a few months, nearly 90 per cent of subscribers lost. The new leader is a former CS: professional GO.

For a long time, Tyler "Ninja" Blinks looked like the eternal leader plwc ensure. In recent months, however, it has suffered a huge loss of subscribers, such as an accessible public show show.

Earlier than more than 260,000 subscribers, there are now only 25,500 bricks. The 90 percent loss in turn ensures that it does not even do it in the top 10 in this respect. Instead, he is in the twelfth position worldwide.

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Ninja is well washed financially

The new front runner is the first with more than 82,000 subscribers CS: GO-Profit Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek. Since its departure from the professional Esport, a full-time stream is active and specially done through games such as PUBG ac Apex Legends name.

Financially, Ninja does not have to complain, because he was only able to do so in the past year take more than 10 million dollars in the United States, With nearly 13 million followers, it's also in this category, which is twitch number on Twitch.

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Richard Tyler Ninja Streamer

Blinks Richard Tyler

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