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New Super Mario Bros. U luxury in the test

The very extensive list of WiiU's remakes for the Nintendo Switch console will be one new record longer with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Now Super Mario Odyssey has been able to take pride in 3D platform supporters, supporters of jumping 2D levels will now get their money worth.

Over thirty years ago, the Mario plumber and brother Luigi succeeded for the first time Super Mario Bros. through colorful levels, mushrooms, and saved the Princess Peach on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although all of its first adventures were held in 2D, on an update on the Nintendo 64, it was also able to make the literal light in the third dimension. The release was released on the Nintendo DS Super Mario Bros new. but it was still true for the tradition of the first games and offered a classic 2D gameplay in "2.5" D technical clothing, as most figures and objects are 3D slippery pictures on 2D backgrounds and so there is at least spatial representation false fictitious. He followed a successor and another part for the Nintendo Wii, up to the end of the game series under the name Super Mario Bros.U has also made their way to the WiiU A consol has found.

Now Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is now the appropriate action for the Nintendo Switch. Nothing is new in terms of content: Oberschurke Bowser assaults Princess Peach's castle with anchor and throws Mario together with Luigi and both Toads out of the castle with the help of a robot hand huge steel and the other end of the mushroom kingdom. Can you reach the palace before it is completely reduced to rubble?

With each other, you're less alone

One player remains in the row and the original are very faithful. You drag through colorful levels in the style of classic Mario 2D, collecting coins and power, grazing the area for various hidden secrets and trying to reach the end of each part of the game. The around nine different worlds and 160 different levels are achieved by moving its character over the world map, the sequence is not always linear. Super Mario Bros. U. Deluxe depending on the well-sought Nintendo qualities. The level design is a first rate, various varied capabilities add a variety to the gameplay, the level of difficulty is increasing continuously, and the control is so important to jump just as accurate as ever, even in a handy way and with joy. Only a few small design fish in fighting issues are the proof of the general impression.

New features appear in the play characters, because in the switch version of Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe As well as Mario, Luigi or Toad now choose Toadette. Thanks to the Power-Up "Supercrown", it can be transformed into Peachette, overcoming obstacles with double jumping or hovering. In addition, she can escape rivers with a quick boost. The second new admission is Pug, which takes some harm from the enemy's attack. Both characters clearly target younger players and genre newbies with their special abilities.

Luigi included

Highlights Super super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is sure to have the chance to experience the game along with friends. Was on the WiiU still a total of five heroes who could draw Bowser in the fight, it is understandable that the touch screen clause will now be far. The cooperative course method inherits the same advantages and disadvantages of the original version: You often obstruct your unconnected committees more than you & Help you, and definite jumps will be blocked by another player quickly. On the other hand, that's the thing that often makes it fun when you pay your opponent with the same coin. So, although the real goal, the fight against Bowser, comes out of sight quickly, but fun fun does not definitely point to it.

In addition to the jump adventure & # 39; including Super super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, the same game modes as on the WiiU. First of all you have the "challenges" that you have to perform different tasks in the game sections, such as sticking to deadlines, collecting coins or flatting as many opponents as possible. In "Fast Play", up to four players in self-scrolling levels try to achieve the goal in three consecutive levels as quickly as they can. And "Coin Hunt" wins the largest gold collection player within a time limit. All methods can only be played locally only, but an online search can be detailed.

Moreover, the luxury version also includes the extra extension Super super Luigi U. Here, Mario's brother is in the pressure, not only offers 82 brand new levels, but also changes the physics and jump engineering, including a 100 second time limit, so that the gameplay is very different to the main antur.

Minority optics

From the technical side, everything is basically as expected. Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe runs in a hand mode with a 720 pixel rate and a full HD TV with 60 FPS fluid across the screen. Therefore, at least the paper has a significant increase in the WiiU version. In practice, however, these differences are marginal, as the quite minimalist graphics were not very impressive at the time of the first release in 2012, and that the recycled figure design was scarce of & # 39; The typical creativity of Nintendo. And so it's with the music. But before I put somewhat unjust criticism here, what else could / should have changed in the technical field? Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe It has not restarted to repeat, it just restarts a six-year-old game and does not seem to make any effort to be anything else.


Do you know this situation: Does he sit in school, the class leader goes to the blackboard, holds it – as you would & # 39; I expect it – a first class presentation and although you are really interested in the subject, you're bored, because you're just just high quality high quality food offered. It's the same as me Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Although I've thrown the original on the WiiU, I still miss amazing moments throughout the season and the incentive to continue playing has gradually decreased from level to level. Yes, dear Mario, despite the consistent standard design, the detailed control and fun bonus, the competition does not sleep well and not just can fill you with lots of water, it also makes a lot better. If you do not want to play with the Italian plumber, you will find plenty of corresponding options on the Nintendo change – especially in the indie sector. In addition, the cutting edge innovations of WiiU owners do not justify new purchases anyway. However: Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe according to as a very good 2D platform with an entertaining multi-play mode.

What is Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe? Classic 2D Platformer in technical "2.5" D garb, with local multiplier for up to four players.
platforms: Nintendo Switch
test: Nintendo Switch
Developer / Publisher: Nintendo / Nintendo
release: January 11, 2019
contact: Official website

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