Friday , August 19 2022

New design for Android and iOS


As announced a few weeks ago, the mobile app versions have now received a new interface in the design of materials. That's new. […]

After the update, you can choose from three opinions. (c) PCTIP, CM

Google announced a few weeks ago that the Gmail app will be redesigned for Android and iOS operating systems.

The update for both app versions is now available. After the update has started to start the app directly to the address to the new interface.

In general, the Gmail app appears in Google Material Design and is compatible with the rest of the Room G.

Google also wanted to make it easier between private and
to change professional accounts. From now on it can be further
Add email addresses. Instead of emails to Yahoo, GMX or Hotmail
You can also send these email addresses directly through
Read the Gmail app if you want it.

And, as in the web version, large red warnings appear, reporting if an email is a phishing attempt. In addition, the app will help learn a machine to write emails faster with "Smart Constitution".

Google has the web apps for Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Google Docs a
Sites that have already been updated. Other mobile apps in Room G should also be
get updates later in the year.

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