Thursday , January 28 2021

Mountain Rescue – Landesrat Stephan Pernkopf as a mountain rescuer

"Our mountains are a recreational space for many local people and tourists. However, it is important to live here, the individual responsibility. Again and again, people happen because of overestimation. T or lack of preparation in need – then there is a great demand for saving the mountain 365 days a year ready to help the best possible, however people need to be aware that they are not only putting themselves at risk t , but also their rescuers in such a situation, "said Landesrat Pernkopf.

Especially during last winter, the mountain rescue as a support organization in the Lower Austrian area also found that it made a significant contribution to safety during the winter months.

Challenge Winter 2019

From the beginning of December 2018 until the end of March 2019, according to preliminary statistics, 428 trips were completed. "This winter, mountain rescue has helped 383 people injured, and 50 unharmed people have been recovered. For three people, unfortunately, any help came too late, and that's why they could never be recovered even more dead, "explains Country Director Matthias Cernusca.

In Hohenberg, there was a grand accident for the bear, where only two people could be recovered dead. Previously, there was a multi-day search where over 80 mountain rescuers from different areas helped each other.

Over 1,300 mountain rescuers and five rescue dogs are available in 30 areas to help with alpine emergencies.

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