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"Modern Working in Headache" »Leadersnet


"Modern Working in Headache" »Leadersnet

Dietmar Dahmen lectured at the Canon Business Forum in Vienna.

Under the title "Working Modern", Canon August wants to support companies in developing modern working environments. Chief Executive, Canon Austria, Peter Saak, a futurologist and entrepreneur Dietmar Dahmen, discuss relevant developments, opportunities and issues of digital world Canon Business Forum Implementing mobile workplaces and data security to business business improvement and personal customer communications.

Many guests and people who are interested in the modern event of a pilgrimage to the highest event at MuTh, the Vienna Boys Choir concert hall in Vienna, have been able to discover new possibilities and exceptional ways of thinking.

Thinking sensor and marketing in the future

In the case of Dietmar Dahmen "Modern Working" is a matter of mind. It is convinced that the focus is no longer on its product or service itself, but to the customer and its needs. "For the customer, a new one is the same as old – just faster, better, easier – for the company itself, innovation creates work, "said Dahmen. Existing trend technologies such as Internet Things (IoT) or Blockchain call for professional views and experts who can identify their economic benefits and identify these developments as an opportunity.

"Canon acts as a customer innovation driver in many key sectors for businesses, and today's businesses need new and efficient processes to succeed, work more effectively, and ensure data protection, and we want to help customers change their work environment proactively helping them to be on the fast track, "explained Peter Saak. (Jr)

If you did not want to lose the Canon Business Forum, look at our gallery.

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