Tuesday , July 5 2022

Mixedness & Disputation: What came down to the "Spice Girls" once


Fans are exciting: The "

Spice Ladies "run on Monday cam Aduniad publish. In June, four of the five five start-ups will start their after-trip (more): Mel C. (44), Geri Halliwell (46), Emma Bunton (42) a Mel B. (43) want to know it yet. It does not seem to be there victory Beckham (44).

From 1994 to 2000, the "Spice Gils "with hits like" Wannabe "and"Spice Up Your Life "caused a feeling and sold millions of albums, but while the band once called for the slogan" Friendship never ends, "back friendship did not seem to work.

Quarrel and bully

Mel B. He revealed in an interview that the "

Spice Girls"is often accused of bandwidth, especially between them and her victory Beckham I used to crash hard. "WWe fight, we fight, we're doing it right … It has never been like that. So we had five in all these years ", at the age of 43 perezhilton.com for her relationship with former band directors.

Above all Mel C. suffering under the competition within the band. In 2016, he claimed attitudeof the other girls during her time in the "Spice Girls " übelst to be bullied

"I will not name any names, have been addressed and they knew what they were doing, apologized," as the 44-year-old. Today, she would no longer go ahead. At the time the pressure in the band and the battle for popularity was very strong.

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