Saturday , January 23 2021

Michi Kirchgasser won the title “Dancing Stars”

Michi Kirchgasser and her professional partner Vadim Garbuzov convinced the jury and audience at the grand finale and crossed the finish line in front of singer Cesar Sampson and presenter Silvia Schneider. A dazzling mask also contributed to the heir to his colleague Lizz Görgl’s throne.

Because when it comes to the dance of the show, Kirchgasser and Garbuzov did not neglect the corona pandemic on the subject of “The Show Must Go On” and dance the middle part of their elaborate choreography with a “ballroom” -suitable, ie very fashionable mouth and nose protection . But even before that, it became clear that training in the “oenen week” (Garbuzov) was far from futile, as the jury (Maria Santner, Dirk Heidemann and Balazs Ekker) gave praise throughout. Although the trio endorsed a very high standard for all three finalists.

“I put a lot of pressure on myself, I wanted to do everything great, I wanted to do even more,” Kirchgasser said, looking back over the last few days even before the final stages. “Until it’s too much.” The former professional athlete was moved to tears after the first dance. “Then I said to myself: I want to enjoy it. I’ve learned a lot, and that’s so nice.” She discovered a new side of herself through dance. “What it triggers in me is amazing.” And probably also with the audience, which was entirely responsible for the final vote.

Cesar Sampson finished second

Runners-up came singers Cesar Sampson and Conny Kreuter, who were even given a triple top score by the jury during the night and disappeared to high heights while dancing on ropes. Sampson, who is also the subject of a live-show song competition test, wanted to give everything and had a heap for future “Dancing Stars” candidates: “Take it. It’s a nice experience, but for different reasons than you believe. “

Slvia Schneider also on the podium

Only third position was enough for presenter Silvia Schneider alongside Danilo Campisi, who shined with the best performances throughout the season. “It’s so special to be here in the finals. It’s unforgettable,” Schneider said happily about what has been achieved and underlined: “We really put everything in.” For her, participating in the “Dancing Stars” was “a wonderful journey, probably the most beautiful in my whole life”.

Anyway, it was a long trip for participants this year – longer than usual, as the 13th season was disrupted in the spring due to the corona virus after the first episode. In the fall, things finally continued, albeit under tightened security conditions and without regular presenter Mirjam Weichselbraun, in which Kristina Inhof stood. Klaus Eberhartinger also had to pass in the final, he was represented by Norbert Oberhauser – who himself was a candidate until two weeks ago.

Despite these difficult conditions, the dance show was again a quota guarantee. So it would not be surprising if the extensive list of winners continued to grow: Marika Lichter (2005), Manuel Ortega (2006), Klaus Eberhartinger (2007), Dorian Steidl (2008), Claudia Reiterer (2009), Astrid Wirtenberger (2011), Petra Frey (2012), Rainer Schönfelder (2013), Roxanne Rapp (2014), Verena Scheitz (2016), Martin Ferdiny (2017), Lizz Görgl (2019) and now Michi Kirchgasser have already danced to victory in ORF’s “Ballroom” already.



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