Tuesday , August 16 2022

“Mank”: David Fincher had a better view of the abyss


This is the first film by star director David Fincher in four years with the first lead role for Gary Oldman (62) since his Oscar (“The Darkest Hour”, 2018).

So “Mank” has high expectations to watch on Netflix since yesterday. Despite a promising topic that illuminates 1930s Hollywood by true motifs, it mostly only achieves Oldman. Shown as the great screenwriter at the time with Berlin roots Herman Mankiewicz (1897–1953), Mank briefly. Alcohol addiction, smart as flash, eloquent, above all liberal. Soon he is falling out of favor in conservative Hollywood. He then wrote the book anonymously for “Citizen Kane” (1941) for young genius director Orson Welles.

A masterpiece considered a settlement with William R. Hearst: media magnate, embodiment of the anti-liberal, peculiarity of every dream factory boss – scandal. “Mank” becomes an authentic black and white homage elegantly decorated to an early cinema style. Fincher also remains in love with the content, so “Mank” looks like a modified movie history book. In contrast to “Gone Girl” and “Sieben”, it does not succeed in generally strong work for power. Mank’s wife and assistants also look like dolls.

Current references to Trump and exclamations in the cinema save the film. But here, too, “Mank” misses the opportunity to inspire more viewers than just experts.

“Lost”: US 2020, 119 min., On Netflix since yesterday

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Nora Bruckmüller



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