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Manfred Burgsmüller dead: The legend of Bundesliga dies with only 69 years


Manfred Burgsmüller is dead and the legend of Bundesliga died at 69 in his apartment in Essen. I suppose a friend has found the body.

Update from 21 May: At the time of death Manfred Burgsmüller makes the police not information. Only the body was announced last Saturday. However, there is nothing against natural death.

Manfred Burgsmüller: Former football and football are dead

Essen – it was seen as the biggest donor in the league, is one of the top scorers in the top German football house and to make 52 years at Rhine Fire Dusseldorf even the t World's oldest football pro: t Manfred Burgsmüller, Now a former player of Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen he died aged 69.

Manfred Burgsmüller has died: the cause of non-official death

According to information from photo he died on Saturday night in his apartment in Essen Burgsmüller. A friend had received no reply from Burgsmüller for hours from WhatsApp and so he was rushed to the former scorer. Then the girlfriend, therefore, told a neighbor, the emergency doctor. However, the task forces were no longer able to help Burgsmüller. The cause of death is still not official. But high photo it should have died naturally.

Borussia Dortmund has already responded via Twitter and posted a picture of "Manni" Burgsmüller. The BVB wrote: "A very big Borussia has left us. Rest in peace, Manni Burgsmüller!" In 447 scores Bundesliga games scored 213. goalkeeper's fourth place.

As well as Dortmund and Bremen, he played in his career, including for Essen's Rot-Weiß and the 1st Nuremberg FC. For the German national football team Burgsmüller scored three international matches. In 1988 Burgsmüller became the German champion with Bremen, and was twice with Werder in the DFB Cup final. With 135 characters, we are still the most successful Bundesliga scorer of BVB.

Burgsmüller, he said, was a "funny footballer". If that was too negative, the loving is called the lovely slap ear in Bundesliga's history. Burgsmüller was originally from Pott, his only championship, but he got in the shirt of Werder Bremen – like the late 30s.

Manfred Burgsmüller is dead – first football, then American football

Last Burgsmüller did not go well. That way photo have said that they suffer from arthritis in the feet, have walked on the stick. 21 years as a Bundesliga professional left a mark, he was unable to leave the leather afterwards. This was not a round at the end, but an egg, as Burgsmüller in Rhine Fire was still running with a 52-year-old kicker and was regarded as the oldest professional football worker in the world.

Burgsmüller, one who can definitely say, has tasted his career. The last of its 213 goal was Bundesliga, the fourth largest ever in the Jersey BV, scored nearly 40 years for Werder Bremen. He died on the same Saturday when Claudio Pizarro became Bundesliga's top scorer in history.

Burgsmüller had become quieter from the end. It was originally, but not one that came to the obvious, not one who wanted to notice at just intervals. This may be due to a career where he scored a goal after the goal, but again he flew regularly under the radar.

Video: Manfred Burgsmüller's football legend is dead

Manfred Burgsmüller has died: his job? Unknown – "I was everywhere on the field, especially near the door"

"You couldn't put me to any job. So far, you probably don't know whether Burgsmüller was a nine or ten number," he told the blog, "Jawattdenn" of her former Roten Weiß Essen club: "I was between something. I was everywhere on the field, especially near the Tornähe. The national team's coaches were dependent on players who kept to their tactical requirements." I was different, for example, I didn't fit with Helmut Schön to the concept. "

Only three international players denied Burgsmüller, the rebuilding after the 1978 World Cup disaster, he was left on the left. It was too old. And as if on his head, he took another eleven years. Otto Rehhagel in Burgsmüller, was excavated at Rot-Weiss Oberhausen in the second Bundesliga to Werder. "I saw him play and he said: 'I want him, he's at the top!", "Said Burgsmüller:" And to crown it all, I became a master the high football age!

Her legendary goal: an ear to slot Burgsmüller meets Kaiserslautern

In 1988, Werder marked golden years, which is why they wanted to build a memorial to Burgsmüller on the Weser. But he had already set himself. With a goal in 1986, against Kaiserslautern and Gerald Ehrmann goalkeeper, only Manni, this great ear, could shoot.

"The Ehrmann holds the ball, lying so close to the gate, leaving me again and wanting to go back to the middle. Then I saw the Gerri. sit in front, go to him and push the pill out of his hand with his hand in. If the ball falls into the floor and pushed it in. "That was easy in the good old days. Burgsmüller Time.


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