Friday , September 30 2022

Mac with M1 chip can become unusable after system reset


Users should not set up the new M1 MacBooks again after purchasing a new one: The result may be a machine that cannot be used. Previously, there have been similar negative effects when installing macOS Big Sur if the update was installed on older MacBooks.

The new MacBooks processor should not be restarted with M1 as well as the updated Mac Mini upon purchase. Some users tend to rebuild their newly purchased Macs first, using Restore System and replacing the operating system.

However, in the case of the new Macs, according to reports with an M1 processor, this ends in an error message that is not very revealing. It states that the update could not be personalized and cannot be completed.

Then the Mac can no longer be used

The effect of this problem is that the computer can no longer be used after that. A user experienced this especially painfully when he wanted to set up two brand new MacBooks with an M1 chip, as he always does with new devices to get started with a completely fresh system.

A call to support after hours explained that he is not alone with the problem.

It was previously noticed that installing macOS Big Sur on MacBooks from 2013 and 2014 can lead to their complete failure, reported. Meanwhile, Apple has responded to the problem, as we reported in another message. Some help instructions should help solve the problem.

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