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"Looking away is not possible": Kurz reprimanded to the FPÖ

"Looking away is not possible": Kurz reprimanded to the FPÖ

Linz. Villa Hagen: Kurz and Stelzer ask for the FPÖ definition of identity.

The house in Hagenstraße Photo: OÖN

With a clear message to the FPÖ coalition partner, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (VP) spoke with the OÖN in identity issues: "I don't tolerate a quick treatment of this movement, so I & # 39; n expect the FPÖ to take a clear view and if it is here there are also links and they break down. "

The Villa Hagen, where Arminia Chernivtsi, the fraternity associated with FPÖ and the Khevenhuller Center of the identities – are housed briefly – the OÖN reported in detail. The Arminia belongs to the two members of Linz's government, Markus Hein and Michael Raml, a number of Linz FP municipalities.

House belongs to a club associated with the FP

The house in Linz-Urfahr belongs to the association "Studentenheim Urfahr". The books are Martina Grabmayr, wife of Wolfgang Grabmayr, the FP municipal council in Linz and the society's treasurer. The Secretary is Wolfgang Kitzmüller, the third President of the National Council Anneliese Kitzmüller and the FP municipal council in Kirchschlag. Not everyone wants to know about the identities in the house.

She stressed: "Any kind of interweaving must be solved with the identity." Looking away is not possible. "Governor Thomas Stelzer (VP) calls for a clear dividing line:" No party taking responsibility in the country should be in contact with such groups or even working with; to each other. "

The FPÖ itself insists on a party's decision of the previous year, which clearly shows termination, as Hubert Schreiner's state director stresses: "Who in another institution like Reich Citizen, Freeman or just an identity or active member, who is excluded by us. " One wants to do nothing to do with the identities: "We do politics in Parliament, not on the street."

Extremism was also a topic at yesterday's state government meeting. The SPÖs and Greens and the ÖVP both submitted proposals on prevention and counseling centers. The VP application was decided by Schwarz-Blau.

Case for the National Security Council

The regional councilors Birgit Gerstorfer (SP) and Rudi Anschober (Green) were asked to convene a state security council. Stelzer wants to await a position report from the National Police Directorate. "We need reliable figures and sound information to take the right measures," said the Governor.

At the federal level, the abolition of the identities is checked, after becoming known that Christchurch killer has sent a donation in early 2018 to the identity spokesman Martin Sellner.

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