Tuesday , April 20 2021

Like metal workers, so the railway workers: strike on Monday Railways | sectors

The extent to which train drivers will be affected on Monday or even beyond, the union left life open. It will only give details of details only at noon. The employers criticized the progress by the union as "totally unacceptable and undesirable".

"Unions of trade unanimously decided on nationwide warning strikes across the entire rail sector after intense discussions," said Liberal Chairman, Hebenstreit and Günter Blumthaler, chairman of the railway department. "Employers have not left us any choice: rail workers have made Austria a single EU country country and can not be cheated with alms in the salary increase. employed on average adjusted for inflation only 15 euros per month "Hebenstreit has been criticized. The motion was "ridiculous".

On the other hand, employer's main negotiation, Thomas Scheiber, repeated that he had made a "substantial and fair" offer in the eighth round, which was canceled during the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Employer's offer was "over 3 per cent, effective on 1 January 2019. In addition, there are other changes in the framework law," said Scheiber. However, these changes to the framework law need to be examined in detail. Therefore, employers had invited a ninth round of discussions on December 5. One will see how much time the face of progress will continue to see.

Hebenstreit renewed the demand for a "fair supply, which must be part of inflation compensation and a fair share of economic growth, as well as the increasing productivity of the railway and improvements in the framework law". Percentage does not officially name employees. According to reports, it should be 5 percent. "Our requirements will now be reinforced by the operation of a trade union, and if the Chamber of Commerce reaches a fair offer, we are ready to return to the discussion board."

However, Employers' members feel confirmed in their initiative of an early voluntary pay increase of 3%. "It was important that the vast majority of the railway companies were following the industrial society's recommendation and paying in advance by raising their salaries by 3 percent retrospectively from October 2018," said Scheiber of the actions of the employers, which caused a disaster I and the union represented. "This means that our employees will definitely get a wage increase before Christmas," said the employer's representative.

KV Railway deals with wages and salaries for around 40,000 employees in more than 60 companies. The largest companies are Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). (APA)

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