Sunday , August 7 2022

Karl Lagerfeld: His final instructions


Karl Lagerfeld was a lifetime perfect. This property survives its death, the fashion icon has ensured. Because the photo reports have, yes King Charles strict instructions for the cause of his death. It was absolutely certain how Chanel's shops should be commemorated.

Flowers Lagerfeld© Getty Images


Among other things, the five-page booklet shows exactly how the flower accessories in the stores should look. It must be a white rose, the bucket about 120 cm in diameter. The fax is transparent, otherwise white. And what should workers say when they get sympathy? "Thank you for your sympathy." Or: "It's a difficult time for us all." Things provided, like flowers: "received and collected in the back room."

Meanwhile, his shows Choupette with sad eyes in grief looking at Instagram.

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