Friday , August 19 2022

Jussie Smollett's "Empire" star should have devised a beaten attack


Chicago – From the victim to the accused: it is said that the US actor Jussie Smollett of the "Empire" TV series has devoted guidance against racist and homophobic assault . After the alleged mock statement to researchers, he was arrested and should continue to appear on Thursday in court, the police said in Chicago.

Fake statements to the police are a penalty. If she had been convicted, Smollett could face a maximum of one to three years' imprisonment. The 36-year-old lawyers announced her defense as "aggressive" and initiated his own investigation into the controversial case. In addition, true and false details have come to the public.

Sorrows after the arrest of siblings

The African-American and gay actor told the Chicago police at the end of January that he was attacked by strangers who were racist and homophobic. Both would tie a rope around his throat and collapse of a chemical substance on it. Smollett, known as the "Empire" series and the "Alien: Pavenant" science fiction film, has also spoken publicly about the alleged assault.

He raised suspicions after arresting two brothers, reported US media. It was checked that Smollett paid both for a fake assault. The police had not been able to find video recordings of surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the alleged assault, according to researchers, according to witnesses.

"This lies so damaging," Roxane Gay's feminist author had tweeted a few days ago. It is not explained why Smollett makes life harder for people who actually suffer hate crime. Previously, celebrities like former Lieutenant President Joe Biden, actress Emma Watson and singer John Legend have put Smollett behind. (AP)

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