Sunday , April 11 2021

Jens Büchner: Mrs. first husband died Daniela is also young

"It's so awful. Nine years ago, my first husband suddenly died of heart failure in November, 34, and now in November Jens, "said Daniela of the" Bild "newspaper, whose first husband married The age 40 was now 20 years after the divorce The couple joined again.

Meanwhile, his second husband Jens was declared a dad for the second time ten days before his death. He did not see his first grandson anymore. "Jens learned about her grandson in hospital and she was proud to be daddy again," Daniela said to "Bild".

Siblings were present in a dream marriage

After the one-year-old grandmother Jasmin gave his eldest daughter Jenny, the "Fun Germany", with Carl Jonas so that the second summons. The 26-year-old was given her to leave her father exciting on Instagram. In the words "I will always love you … dad", Jenny posted a black and white picture, where you can see Malle-Jens kissing her pigs.

Jenny, as her sister Jessica, is from Jens' relationship with former wife Susanne. After the emigrant cut his tents in Germany eight years ago, he realized he would only lose his daughters late. "I just realize how much I lost," he said at the time in "Goodbye Germany". Recently, the relationship became closer – the brothers and sisters came to the boss of their twins and also attended the wedding Jens and Danni's dream.

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